Rational Thoughts in an Irrational World

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. Several hundred thousand doctors are heading for bankruptcy – and the pain of losing their licences to practice. Doctors who injected their patients with the covid-19 jabs (the jabs which didn’t do what government officials promised they were supposed to do but which did cause the health problems I warned they would create) believe that they are indemnified by their governments (which , at Bill Gates’ suggestion, offered blanket indemnity to drug companies). I’m no lawyer (thank heavens) but I know a fraud when I see one and it is clear that everyone lied about the covid-19 jabs. If doctors can be shown to have given jabs without checking out what they were doing, and warning their patients of the risks, then surely they will be responsible legally – as well as morally. And in that case the class action lawsuits will be legion and doctors will be running for the hills. (It is surely possible that the police will be chasing them. It cannot possibly be legal for thousands of doctors to give deadly vaccines to millions of patients.)

2. The unions, the WEF and Common Purpose have, in my view, trained a generation of psychopaths.

3. As I have been saying for decades, no one has ever tested to find out if it is safe to give numerous different vaccines to the same individual. The whole global vaccination programme is an unmonitored experiment.

4. Anyone who promotes the wearing of masks is a dangerous idiot. If they are medically qualified they are a dangerous idiot with knobs on. For the truth about masks read my book Proof that masks do more harm than good. You can purchase a copy via the bookshop on [my] website.

5. Artificial intelligence bots are censoring social media and looking for videos and articles to remove. The big question of course is: Who programmes the bots and tells them what to remove? (If you guessed left wing extremist fascists then you can give yourself a prize.)

6. Lord Bethell, former health minister in the UK was unable to turn the messages on his phone over to a judicial review on covid contracts. Why was this? Well, according to The Times newspaper he offered four excuses: he broke the phone, he gave the phone to a member of his family, he accidentally wiped all the messages and he lost it. Choose your excuse. At least he didn’t claim the dog had eaten it.

7. Cyclists who ride on the pavement do so (they say) because it is too dangerous to ride on the roads. Most, sadly, are so full of a sense of entitlement, disdain and arrogance that it doesn’t occur to them to slow down when passing and approaching pedestrians. It now seems possible that the woman who fell off her bike (and was tragically killed) after a confrontation of some sort with a pedestrian, may have been on the pavement illegally. It appears that the local council isn’t sure whether cyclists are allowed to use that particular stretch of pavement or not.

8. If you see a financial commentator remark upon a company’s ESG status then you should ignore everything that commentator says. As I pointed out recently ESG is dangerous nonsense – designed to impoverish honest investors and reduce the long-term prospects of employees. The supporters of ESG nonsenses are left wing woke cultists.

9. Cyber attacks are booming. It is estimated that the annual damage done by cyber attacks will exceed $10 trillion by 2025. Who is at risk? Anyone and everyone who uses a computer – but the weak, the frail and those forced to go online are the most vulnerable. Anyone who banks online is asking for trouble.

10. If you want to know more about vitamins and minerals you’ll find everything you need to know in my book Meat Causes Cancer: And More Food for Thought. The book is available from Amazon and also contains everything I know about losing excess weight.

11. The UK Government has found a great way to cut the cost of the absurd, unnecessary, wasteful and entirely stupid HS2 railway line. The plan is not to build some stretches of line. So passengers will be able to travel by train from A to B but then in order to get to C they will have to get out and walk. Then they’ll ride from C to D before they get out again and walk on to E. And so on and so forth. Maybe passengers could have a discount on their tickets if they agree to carry the train over the stretches of countryside where there are no rail tracks.

12. Street markets are disappearing everywhere – all over the world. Why? ‘Well,’ said a spokesperson, ‘they enable consumers to buy things at a good price, they reduce paperwork and they enable people to socialise, have a good time and shop in an unregulated environment.’ So, of course, they’ve got to go!

13. Laws are being introduced all around the world to make truth-telling an illegal act. (They call it spreading misinformation, but we know what they mean.) Anyone telling the truth will be liable to go to prison.

14. Don’t trust anyone who still has a YouTube channel who talks about covid and or vaccines.

15. Deep fake videos will be available soon (if they aren’t already available). The fake people making videos look very real.

16. Billions of chickens are going to be killed – ostensibly to protect us from avian flu. In fact, of course, it’s the quick way to stop people eating chickens and eggs. They’ll soon force us to eat nothing but Bill Gates’ lab made fake food.

17. Zelensky of Ukraine sounds, looks and behaves so much like a puppet that I am beginning to think that maybe the globalists have got their first holographic prime minister.

18. The GBP was the world’s reserve currency in the 19th century and for most of the 20th century. The American dollar became the world’s reserve currency during the 1960s and 1970s when America started fighting wars of its own. And the dollar really became stronger when America started the Gulf War. Now do you understand why American conspirators want World War III?

19. How do we know for certain that covid-19 (the rebranded flu) wasn’t conceived in a Chinese laboratory? Well, apart from the fact that it behaved exactly like a not terribly dangerous annual flu, the FBI says it was leaked from a lab. What more proof do you want that it wasn’t? Only conspirators and controlled opposition believe in the lab theory.

20. When the banks go bust, the Government will ensure that their debts will be met using the funds of the depositors and account holders – that means you and I will pay the price. (The amount varies from country to country but your government will probably protect some of your money).

If you want to know the truth about what is happening to the world please read Endgame by Vernon Coleman. Endgame explains what has happened, why it has happened and what is going to happen next. You can buy Endgame via the bookshop on [my] website.


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