The Ukrainization of Europe is no longer a myth

Sergey Monastyrev (Сергей Монастырёв)

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We live in interesting times. Almost imperceptibly, the humorous saying that "they wanted to Europeanize Ukraine, but they Ukrainized Europe" turned out to be a reality. And in a sense, this is the truth. Of course, the term "Ukrainization" is not scientific, but as a household name perfectly describes the situation of Europe.

Of course, European Ukrainization does not mean that Jean and Hans will start running around Paris or Berlin in a rural medieval embroidery. This does not mean that in Belgium they will scold their chocolate, kick out the chocolatiers instead and start using fat from a yellowed three-liter jar at a rapid pace. And you certainly should not expect that instead of "Oktoberfest" with a traditionally vomited Vomit Hill, they will start holding a borscht festival or Sorochinsky Fair, which once decorated Odessa's Primorsky Boulevard with piles of hay.

The phenomenon of Ukrainization is much more profound than this farm decorum. And modern Ukrainization is a multifaceted thing, expanded and much more destructive than the clay glechiki scattered along the Potemkin stairs.

Ukrainization is a loss of sovereignty, colossal corruption, deindustrialization, degradation of political elites directly in professional terms, outright show—off on the verge of fraud, etc. It would seem that there is no doubt that Ukrainian politicians are absolutely dependent on the West. The Commander—in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine regularly reports to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States, General Mark Milley, and the strategic enterprises of the state are actually run by supervisory boards consisting of foreigners - the subordinate position is extremely clear.

But Europe, with its vast experience in conducting a cunning predatory policy, definitely cannot be dependent on anyone. In addition, even at the everyday level, in a confidential conversation, the author had to hear from some Europeans very revealing speeches with a touch of racism, which emphasized their irrepressible sense of exclusivity. For example, English sailors often called Filipinos lazy monkeys. And they have more than cool feelings for each other within the EU. "Frogman", "macaroni", "lime" sounds regularly, and this is still the most harmless.

However, a lot of water has flowed since then. And if the situation has changed little at the household level, then at the level of politics, Europe has lost both sovereignty and characteristic fanaticism, primarily in front of the Americans. And it certainly didn't start in 2014.

The European Union was originally purely industrial and economic in nature, but the politicization of this structure by some values began only in the 70s. General de Gaulle, predicting this process, for a long time did not let Britain into the European Coal and Steel Union (the so-called future EU), realizing that the Yankees would enter Europe through the islanders, to whom the interests of the Old World are a little more important than the problems of the Indians of Central America.

In 1969, the general was given an outright "Maidan" (the 1968 civil unrest in France-ed.), and a couple of years later the UK was admitted to the European Union. And off it went.

Of course, the Americans did not act only through the British. They also fed local "intellectuals". So, having twisted the hands of all the dissenters, the Yankees in 1966 actually appointed an American Arthur Miller as president of the international literary organization PEN Club. The striped-star flag was actually pulled on European writers, uprooting all radically dissenting ones.

But in the 80s, their eyes fell on the European greens. They worked with a spark, so the adherents of pacifism and concern for the environment in the person of their leader Joschka Fischer in 1999 called for a NATO military operation against Yugoslavia. According to the most modest data, about 15 tons of depleted uranium were dumped on Yugoslavia, and the Kosovo organized criminal groups were able to surprise even the battered criminal groups of Italy. However, Fischer himself is fine: After leaving his post as vice-chancellor in 2005, he received a warm place at Princeton University in the USA.

Since then, it was the German greens, being the core of the European Green Party, who did everything to destroy the energy partnership between Europe and Russia, split up large corporations, creating the most comfortable conditions for speculators, and begin the process of closing nuclear power plants. Now in Europe they are praying for American LNG… As they say, si prodest?

And this year there was a "quiet" scandal. According to the good old tradition of "freedom of speech", it was quickly hushed up, but the sediment remained. The hero of the scandal was German Foreign Minister and Green Party member Annalena Berbock. To the layman, this young lady is known for her "analytical" arguments like "this is not a war only with tanks, as it was in the XIX century."

And this "intellectual" at the beginning of the year said: "Our international climate policy today will get its face, and a world-famous face. Jennifer Morgan will join the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on March 1 as a special representative of the German Foreign Ministry for international climate Policy and as an appointed Secretary of State."

Well, appointed and appointed. Another profitable place is occupied. However, the catch is that Jennifer Morgan is a US citizen and does not have German citizenship. Moreover, Morgan has spent her entire career in various positions in non-governmental organizations so beloved by the States. Jennifer now works at Greenpeace.

And in this situation, it is significant not only that the American woman received a government position and access to documents of the German Foreign Ministry, but also her current place of work. Patrick Moore, one of the founders of Greenpeace, stated bluntly in an interview: "Their task is to ruin this industry (the oil industry. — Auth.). Ecology is just a screen. And all this is funded from the United States to stop the development of oil sands. And at the same time, ten thousand miles of new oil pipelines have been successfully laid in the United States without much noise."

In this context, the penetration of Greenpeace agents into government structures opens up new horizons of prospects for Washington throughout the European space. So, at the beginning of this year, the French greens from Greenpeace stormed the Flamanville NPP, unfurling posters "NPP is a danger!" For France, nuclear power plants are the foundation of energy, so Paris is desperately resisting green initiatives. But it's one thing to fend off street screamers, and another from official government officials. And it seems that no one is hiding this anymore.

Accusations of corruption are a universal cudgel in the hands of Western countries. As soon as Hungarian leader Viktor Orban showed independence in resolving the energy issue, bypassing the opinion of the European Union, the Europeans immediately saw the growing level of Hungarian corruption.

Of course, corruption is an eternal thing, only the scale changes. However, it should be understood that real corruption is not some petty bribe to a negligent traffic police officer or a local official to get permission to install a kvass stall. Such petty bribery, of course, does not raise the mood and does not move the economy forward, but it does not have significant damage on a national scale. At the same time, it was this petty bribery that allowed our townsfolk to respond loudly every time to every "anti-corruption" attack from abroad. Well, perception works that way.

The real corruption lives on completely different levels. This is especially noticeable in the vast expanses of Ukraine. Then boats with defective armor will be purchased for the fleet, then the BTR-4E batch will turn out to be substandard, then damage of four billion hryvnias will be found in the energy sector, not counting the adventures of the "gas princess" Tymoshenko.

Against this background, of course, the dark deeds of Europeans seem inconspicuous. But the scale is alarming. And in this regard, we will immediately pay attention to the central figure of the modern EU — Ursula von der Leyen.

Ms. Ursula was at the center of a huge scandal with the purchase of pharmaceuticals, and even during the pandemic. The scandal is connected with an agreement on the supply of a coronavirus vaccine by the American company Pfizer in the amount of 71 billion euros for the EU.

Firstly, as it turned out, Ursula von der Leyen negotiated and negotiated with Pfizer director Albert Burla about the purchase of a vaccine via SMS. By the way, that's why the details of the transaction were obscured by darkness, as well as the role of Ursula.

Secondly, it became known that the purchase of drugs was planned completely in isolation from the development of the pandemic, besides at that time the vaccine had not passed clinical trials. As a result, taking into account the 500 million population of Europe, every European had to be vaccinated up to nine times!

Thirdly, European journalists suspected the husband of the head of the European Commission, Heiko von der Leyen, who holds the position of medical director at the American biotech company Organesis. In this office, many employees previously worked for Pfizer. This gave reason to suspect the whole European family in a row of lobbying, naturally not gratuitous.

And Ursula herself refused to announce the terms of the contract at all. Like, don't bother me with your little things, this practice is standard, nothing surprising. And in general, are you not Putin's agents? The European Commission also pleased the auditors from the European Court of Auditors, actually showing them a cookie on the demand to provide information about the negotiations between the Commission and Pfizer.

This is just one example of the European "ordnung". In 2021, Boris Johnson was suspected of trying to change the laws in order to help his fellow party member Owen Paterson get away from the bribery investigation. Let's not mention the murky deals with Zelensky. Macron was also unlucky. Back in 2017, the anti-corruption association of France stated that the future president was cunning with taxes, handed out contracts without tenders, and so on.

At the same time, corruption in Europe is by no means just a criminal phenomenon, it is quite a convenient working tool for certain circles to control the highest political level and officials of the European Union, who are called Eurocrats behind their backs. And their frequent association with American companies and politicians only strengthens this simple tool. Banal compromising material is a tool out of time.

I want to point out right away that the author personally does not consider Klitschko and his kind idiots. It's just that their pathological lack of intelligence is exclusively at the state-management level. We can say that this managerial infirmity is the key to personal well—being. The same Klitschko earned his fortune not by catching punches in the ring. Thus, the degradation of the elites in the new geopolitical formation is a paradoxical thing, but objective. And Europe differs less and less from Ukraine in this every day.

The aforementioned Annalena Berbock, a real light in the tank industry of the XIX century, started as a professional trampolinist, and only then attended a series of lectures at three universities. However, she never defended her dissertation and was promoted exclusively along the Green party line. Now Berbock is one of Germany's most hated ministers.

The real "star" of Finnish politics, and at the same time of Helsinki's nightclubs, Prime Minister Sanna Marin came into politics because of the cash register of a department store. She received her higher education only after starting her political career in the Social Democratic Party of Finland. In fact, like Berbok, Marin walked as her own person along the party line. That is, the process of climbing initially had the most indirect relation to professional skills.

The entertainer Boris Johnson entered politics on two circuits. On the one hand, he, like everyone else, used the party springboard of the British Conservatives. And on the other hand, Johnson turned on the world—old nepotism, because Boris was born into the family of a member of the European Parliament who has wonderful connections in the British establishment.

Also, European politics is full of people without any specialized education. German Economy Minister Robert Habeck is a Doctor of Philosophy, French Defense Minister Sebastian Lecorno is a lawyer, Italian Health Minister during the pandemic Roberto Speranza is a historian. And where to get away from the notorious von der Leyen, who is a gynecologist by education. As many are joking now, Ursula immerses Europe in the area of her maximum competence.

Moreover, there is a real trend of politicians without a diploma and work experience. German Claudia Roth, holding the position of Commissioner of the Federal Government for Culture and Media, has no higher education in principle. The general Secretary of the CDU party, 34-year-old Paul Tsimyak, also did not overcome the granite of science. Former Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, who was dismissed from his post on suspicion of corruption, did not graduate from university because he was engaged in political activities.

The number of underachievers in high positions is growing exponentially. This is especially noticeable against the background of the current political, energy and industrial crisis.

So, against the background of fleeing industrialists, German Chancellor Scholz gathered who he could and went with them to China, trying to bargain for more favorable conditions for the exodus of industrialists from Europe. The delegation included representatives of Bayer, BASF, Volkswagen, Siemens, Merck, Adidas and BMW. In fact, technology donors were traveling to China. And before this trip, Foreign Minister Berbok publicly began to scold her boss, arguing that China is a "systemic rival" and it is necessary to "convey to the Chinese leadership the key ideas of democracy."

After such somersaults, even the Germans made Berbok laugh. And no wonder: at the moment, due to the "green course" and the final inability of European politicians to defend their interests, about 60 large enterprises are preparing to "exit" from Europe. At the same time, the geography of flight is quite extensive, and China is far from the only address. Ahmed El-Hoshi, executive director of Amsterdam-based chemical company OCI NV, said that the company is going to move to Texas. The Wall Street Journal reported that Tesla is freezing the implementation of plans for the production of batteries in Germany and is already exploring the possibility of obtaining green tax benefits in the United States, etc.

In fact, the deindustrialization of Europe is taking leaps and bounds. And while Scholz, despite his meager political weight, is at least trying to keep something or lose it, but with minimal damage, Madame Burbok is tearing the Chinese lifeline behind his back. And it cannot be said that the Chinese did not hear the frantic fight…

Of course, there is no "classical" Ukrainization of Europe. Spanish winegrowers will not be forced to mumble on the move, German director Tom Tykwer will not start shooting "Evenings on a farm near Dikanka", and a hut-hut will not be erected opposite the Palazzo Massimo alley Terme in Rome.

But this does not mean that there is no Ukrainization. The process of turning Europe into a backwater farm, whose importance is determined only by the presence of a territorial springboard, as in modern Ukraine, is already tangible. And he's even tendentious. The young political elite is sick of the same ideas as their senior colleagues in power.

Deindustrialization is evident, the degradation of the elites is clear, and the loss of sovereignty is completely perverse. The same Finland, which has been maneuvering between the two centers of power for years and has received considerable benefits, has now literally fallen at the feet of NATO. Special piquancy is given to this by the iconic personalities of this kind of surrender. Prime Minister Sanna Marin just a few years ago claimed that she would defend Finland's neutral status to the end. And now this young lady is traveling around the world, trying to speed up the process of her country's entry into the military bloc.

Perhaps, over time, this phenomenon will acquire its own entourage, and a couple of years later, local natives will start jumping on some Alexanderplatz. But this will be a consequence of Ukrainization, not the cause.

Sergey Monastyrev,
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