Please Be Aware of What Syria is Going Through Right Now

Vanessa Beeley

If people are thinking about complaining about the situation in their country - please be aware of what Syria is going through right now.

1. Electricity: most areas in Damascus and countryside have only had 30 minutes to one hour in last 24 hours. In the rest of Syria especially rural areas no electricity for 3 days at least.
2. Poor performance of the landline phone network and terrestrial internet due to lack of fuel to run generators during the time of power outage and even the towers powered by solar energy almost shut down because of cloudy weather.
3. Most of the large factories reduced their distribution because their vehicles have no fuel and many closed down until next week - crippling many industries and supply chains.
4. Some government institutions could not conduct electronic transactions on Wednesday and Thursday because there was no electricity or internet.
5. Shops and markets throughout Damascus are closing at sunset because there is no fuel for their generators.
6. Private bakeries reduced production of bread because they cannot operate their machines and ovens.
7. Restaurants reduced production and are only serving cold food or barbecue for the same reasons.
8. Diesel and fuel have disappeared even from the black market with 20L of BM fuel now at 200,000 Syrian pounds (average salary is 150,000, most are earning less).

9. Most government subsidised fuel stations are closed.
10. Queues at the remaining fuel stations are for 24 hours plus. Quantities that do arrive are not enough for demand. There is a restriction of 30L per month anyway.
11. There is a system of sending a message to car owners to come and get their ration of fuel - now there are delays of three weeks for the SMS to be received. Before it was every few days.
12. There is no gas available (bottles) and if they are available on the black market you are talking 150,000 SYP and above, impossible for most people. The average family will use one bottle per week for cooking etc. The bottles are also very poor quality and dangerous.
13. There is no public transport. The roads are literally empty. This means a huge problem for employees and employers with staff unable to come to work etc.

11 years of devastating war and barbaric sanctions, post-war dissonance and insecure borders - the Caesar sanctions punish any nation that comes to assist Syria.

Source: Eva K Bartlett/Forwarded from Vanessa Beeley. IMG: © picture-alliance/AA/H. Nasar


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