Transforming Ukraine Into a Barren Wasteland

Stephen Lendman

Ukraine is a made-in-the-USA, Nazi-infested, fascist dictatorship. Its US-installed coup d'état regime is a festering sore in Europe’s heartland. Governance of, by and for everyone equitably, according to the rule of law, is banned. So is everything Russian.

No longer a nation-state, the length and breadth of its territory is unsafe and unfit to live in. It’s been this way since the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup. Since Russia’s liberating SMO began last February, it’s been just a matter of time before its scourge is eliminated.

According to Russia’s UN envoy, Vassily Nebenzia at the Security Council on Wednesday: 💬 One of the SMO’s goals “is to undermine the (regime’s) combat capabilities.” It’ll continue until the US-installed regime capitulates.

Yet puppet Zelensky and dominant Nazis around him scorn peace in favor of “reckless threats and ultimatums” — as ordered by their US master. Along with its Western vassals, it seeks “geopolitical hegemony at the expense of the lives ordinary Ukrainians” — millions of people the empire of lies and forever wars doesn’t give a damn about, people to be used and abused, not served, in flagrant breach of international law. After the 2014 coup, hegemon USA-dominated NATO abandoned ordinary Ukrainians in pursuit of forever war on Russia.

Since early October, Russian forces have been eliminating Ukraine’s energy and communications infrastructure — what’s used for perpetual war-making. At the same time, Russia records and maintains detailed evidence of Ukrainian crimes of war, against humanity and related atrocities. What’s falsely blamed on Russia is committed by Kiev Nazis, supported by their US/Western patrons and MSM co-conspirators.

If Ukraine fails to capitulate — what’s inevitable at some point — its ability to provide electricity, heat, tap water and other essentials may be entirely shut down. With over half its power grid rendered inoperable, rolling blackouts across its territory are the new abnormal for its long-suffering people. Its thermal, hydroelectric and nuclear power stations are shut down.

The regime nearly exhausted its Soviet era transformers and spare parts, what the West cannot replace, only the Russian Federation. And whatever it restores to operability, Russia can take out at its discretion.

The regime’s only solution is unconditional surrender to Russian demands. Instead, puppet Zelensky consistently lies and deceives Ukrainians with his nightly propaganda rants — rubbish like the following, saying: 💬 “We are doing everything for the people (sic).” “We are gradually connecting new and new districts (sic).” “We are rolling out new ‘points of invincibility (sic).” We’re “protect(ing) Ukrainian freedom (sic).”

And ignoring the regime’s greatly degraded military with hundreds of thousands of its youths lost, the figurehead buffoon pretends that victory looms ahead.

At this time, the territory of Ukraine is uninhabitable for its people. Millions already fled out of harm’s way cross-border, many to Russia. The prospect of regime troops prevailing against vastly superior Russian firepower is zero. As long as it obeys its US master by perpetuating a lost cause, its ability to provide electricity, heat, water, transportation, medical services, enough food and other essentials may be largely lost.

Millions more Ukrainian will likely seek safe haven cross-border. The regime’s greatly degraded military is undergoing slow-motion collapse. Once Russia’s winter offensive begins in earnest, regime losses of manpower, arms and equipment will increase exponentially with no chance of turning things around.

On Wednesday, Lugansk Militia officer, Andrey Marochko, explained the following: 💬 “Yesterday’s damage to Ukraine’s electrical system negatively impacted deliveries of weapons, munitions and material resources to (its greatly degraded) armed formations.”

It’s just a matter of time before they collapse from attrition and exhaustion. And when Ukraine no longer serves US imperial interests, it’ll be abandoned in similar fashion to how the empire of lies betrayed earlier used and abused vassals.

Nebenzia stressed the following: 💬 US-dominated NATO regimes “seek…geopolitical hegemony…at the expense of Ukrainian lives” — ones valued only as long as they serve the empire of lies and forever wars.


Source: Stephen Lendman Blog. IMG: © N/A. AWIP:


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