Seeing and Resisting the Agents of Chaos

Rob Slane

“The basic problem of the Christians in this country in the last eighty years or so, in regard to society and in regard to government, is that they have seen things in bits and pieces instead of totals.” ~ F. A. Schaeffer, A Christian Manifesto

I’m quite sure that were he alive today, Francis Schaeffer would have seen through the fog of nonsense dished out to us every day by Globalist Pravda (aka the mainstream media), and would see that something extremely evil is being carried out in plain sight. I’m equally sure that he would have been even more grieved with the inability of his fellow Christians to join the dots than he was back in his day.

Let me start with an assertion, and then proceed to show how I think this is panning out. A relatively small group of people — let’s call them the Globalist Cabal — are currently engaged in an agenda to transition all of humanity from an old paradigm to a new paradigm. Although they have been working on this for decades, their plans burst out into the open two years ago with the announcement of an apparently novel virus (which was in fact a coronavirus manipulated in US-funded laboratories to include a synthetic Spike Protein), followed by an almost lockstep response of Governments across the world with measures that had never been tried or tested before, and which were self-evidently wicked and harmful.

Although I am in the dark about many of their end goals, I have seen enough to be able to confidently assert that it involves the transformation of our economy, the transformation of our society and – most importantly – the transformation of people. The transformation of the economy is to a Central Bank Digital Currency. The transformation of society is to a Social Credit system, in which people are allotted or denied credits by the state. The transformation of people themselves — Transhumanism — is two-fold, involving a depopulation agenda as well as the synthesising and synchronising of humans with the digital world.

I have little time for those who still claim these are conspiracy theories. Those behind these agendas are carrying them out as we speak and they no longer take much care to hide where they believe we are headed. So if you really think these are conspiracy theories, you can always take it up with the likes of the Bank of International Settlements and World Economic Forum as they — not some geek in a basement — are the source of many of these claims.

In any case, the agenda is an inevitability from the perspective of the Godless, Globalist Cabal. They look at the existing economic system, and they know it is so monstrously untenable that they must transition to something else in short order. They must do so because the indebtedness of the United States in particular, is so gargantuan and beyond comprehension, that collapse is inevitable and the only questions are what system to move to and how to get there soon. And so being Godless Globalists, rather than calling on their Maker for wisdom, then being honest with their populations about the scale of the problem, they have instead opted to protect their own assets as much as possible, and transition to a new system via a controlled demolition of the old one.

The first part of that controlled demolition has already taken place over the last couple of years. Whatever else the Lockdowns, Masks and so-called vaccines were about, they now know how easy it is to manipulate masses of people using the vast and various psychological tools at their disposal, and how choosing something everyone cares about — health — is a great way to make people believe things which are utterly nonsensical, to the point that they are prepared to police themselves into unquestioningly obeying said nonsense. They also knew that the measures they put in place were bound to lead to economic apocalypse, with massive inflation being the inevitable consequence of shutting vast swathes of the global economy down at the same time as injecting enormous sums of money into it, and food shortages being the inevitable consequence of the deliberate rupture in global supply chains. All of which then sets the scene for those behind these things to offer what appears to be salvation itself to those who have bought into the phoney narrative — “vaccines” to solve Covid (rather than the cheap and effective treatments that they did everything in their power to suppress), and I would imagine “Digital Rationing” coming to solve the inflation and food crisis.

Most people cannot comprehend such evil. They cannot possibly grasp how those nice people they keep voting for could possibly put their hand to such an evil plough. But of course those nice people they keep voting for don’t think they are getting behind an evil plough. They think it’s a necessary plough, as did the bureaucracies in all totalitarian systems before them. Add to this the fact that the ultimate perpetrators of this wickedness are extraordinarily adept at hiding what they do behind doing good. That is, they are able to pose as Angels of Light, whilst in reality they are Agents of Chaos.

As Angels of Light, they told you that all their wicked policies, including putting people under house arrest, stopping them seeing their relatives, making them wear futile dehumanising face coverings, and compelling them to take an experimental blood-clotting, gene-editing, prion disease-inducing, immune system-suppressing mRNA injection, were for health reasons. And all the while they did so hoping you would miss the elephant in the room, which is this: not once have they ever demanded answers as to how a synthetic Spike Protein made its way out of a lab, why it has part of the HIV genetic sequence added to it, and what on earth anyone was doing dabbling with this in the first place. These are vastly important questions that neither your Government nor its Globalist Pravda stenographers have ever once demanded answers to.

But in reality they are Agents of Chaos. The people I’m talking about know all about the origins of SARS-CoV-2. They know all about the real purposes of Lockdowns and masks. They know all about what the mRNA injections masquerading as “vaccines” are about. They know all about what has been going on in those Ukrainian biolabs and which Presidents, former Presidents and wives of former Presidents are ultimately behind them. They know all these things, yet they learned their Hegelian Dialecticism well and know how to divide people in order to turn their attention away from seeing their real enemy. For if the people were ever to turn their attention away from the narratives being created for them to bicker over, and really ask who was behind Covid-19 and what was their intention, why we’d all know who our real enemies are. But here’s a hint: back in November 2019, two months before the declaration of a virus outbreak, and three months before any of us plebeians had ever heard that dread phrase – Covid-19 – the US Department of Defense issued a contract for “Covid-19 Research” to a company based in Ukraine, which was working for a US company involved in those Ukrainian biolabs, and which was connected to the President’s son. Interesting, no?

I’m genuinely unsure why my fellow Christians cannot join these dots together, especially when God has made it quite easy for us. For example, when a ghoul like Nancy Pelosi, who delights in the shredding of unborn babies, and who was a cheerleader for the Lockdowns, masks and “vaccines”, goes to Kiev to announce how “we” stand with Ukraine, and who uses the “Slava Ukraini” slogan of the OUN-B, which massacred 100,000 Poles in Volhynia in 1943-1945, well it’s as if God is holding up a big sign to all humanity saying, “Join the Dots”.

Unfortunately, there’s not much sign of it yet. I fully expect to hear of churches up and down the country pouring out grief over the coming economic apocalypse. Yet how many of them will acknowledge that it was the Lockdowns that they wholeheartedly supported that are the main cause of this? I fully expect to hear a pouring out of grief as vast numbers of people become victim to the huge number of adverse events that were known about before the so-called “vaccines” were ever released into the public (see Slide 16 from the FDA’s own presentation in October 2020). Yet how many will even be able to acknowledge this to be the cause, let alone take a long hard look at how they greeted these wretched killer shots as if they were salvation itself?

My heart is filled with grief for what has happened, and what is to come, and I regret that I have not been able to persuade more that all the above is so. I can only hope that the eyes of many will shortly be opened, that they will stop seeing things in bits and pieces, and instead see the big picture of what is really going on. And that they will then pray like furies, and live like joyful warriors, until these Agents of Chaos who are destroying all that is true, honest, just, pure, lovely and good, are peacefully overthrown.


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