Execution video leaked again...


The series of execution and torture videos from Ukraine continues: On Tuesday, several journalists published another video that apparently shows the shooting of at least five prisoners of war lying on the ground.

Journalist Alexander Kots and Russian military expert and blogger Boris Roshin independently released a video on Tuesday that appears to show the shooting of more Russian soldiers in Ukrainian POWs.

The video – which should be warned if you don’t have the nerve to see it and are strictly forbidden to anyone under the age of 18 – shows several people (at least five) lying face down on the ground in Russian military uniforms. At least the body closest to the ending on the right shows signs of life in the form of movements that typically accompany breathing. He wears a red armband on his upper left arm, you can see his dark blonde hair, cut short. Next to it is an open black wallet.

Another person moves between those lying on the ground, carrying a gun in his hand. One by one, this person shoots at the other people on the ground. First on the one on the right and then in turn on the others. You hear short salvos, the bodies on the ground twitch briefly. When the camera pans back to the first man, he still shows signs of life, it’s the breathing movements that give him away. The shooter points the gun barrel directly at the soldier’s head, a salvo can be heard, and a red liquid, presumably blood, squirts out of his head.

The camera moves briefly through the surroundings, it is probably a clearing in the forest, the trees and bushes still have green leaves. There is no snow to be seen. The one who shot comes in front of the camera, says in Russian or Ukrainian (it is indistinguishable from this phrase): “That’s it.

Video Warning: It shows the killing of people and is disturbing.

Where the video came from and when it was recorded cannot be independently verified at this time. It joins the series of well-known shooting videos that apparently document war crimes committed by the Ukrainian side against civilians and Russian military personnel.

Kots writes:

💬 “Another video of our prisoners being shot by Ukrainian beasts. Why prisoners? Because there are no guns next to the corpses. This is not a ‘review’ of a defeated enemy in battle. This is the cold-blooded killing of unarmed people.”

Ukrainian journalist and blogger Anatoly Shary believes the video is authentic and has published it on his channel. Information on the place and time of the recording still requires research, he comments. In the last few days, Shary has repeatedly expressed criticism of the alleged Russian passivity in the international branding and prosecution of Ukrainian war crimes. In one of his latest videos, he recalled that prominent Ukrainian Publicists and activists in unlawful Ukrainian detention since March. While Ukraine always effectively exploits actual or alleged human rights violations by the Russian side for propaganda purposes, Russia does not care about the fate of “pro-Russian” Ukrainians.

Shariy goes on to argue that there would have been no more killings of Russian soldiers in Ukrainian POWs if Russia were decisive enough first such incident would have responded in March of that year. At that time, video footage of Ukrainian soldiers wantonly shooting Russian prisoners of war in the knees caused horror on the international stage. However, the critical voices then fell silent when Russia withdrew from the Kyiv region and northern Ukraine and Ukrainian propaganda neutralized the international response to the torture of Russian prisoners of war with the so-called “Bucha staging”. According to Shariy, Ukrainian propaganda is “a thousand times more effective” than Russian propaganda. According to the Ukrainian opposition figure and media expert, if Russia doesn’t react energetically and sustainably to the war crimes committed against its citizens and sympathizers and if it accepts that the topic is forgotten every time, “nobody will give a damn.”

Marina Akhmedova, writer and member of the Human Rights Council of Russia, commented on the video on her Telegram channel on Tuesday, saying:

💬 “A new video of the shooting of our – other – POWs has surfaced on the internet. That’s what was videotaped and got through to us. And how many (incidents of this nature) don’t?! It turns out that Ukrainians don’t always let our POWs live. And we swap their soldiers over and over again. I wonder how the Ukrainian armed forces differ from the terrorist ISIS, which carries out on-camera executions?”

Only in the past week had an execution video shocked: it showed [executed] Russian military personnel lying on the ground. Even the New York Times classified these videos as real. The Ukrainian side initially tried to present this as a result of a fight. However, another sequence later emerged from the same video documenting the preceding events: it shows unarmed soldiers in Russian camouflage uniforms surrendering with their hands raised and lying on the ground, in roughly the same position in which they later lay dead. When the prisoners are already lying on the ground, an exchange of fire begins, apparently provoked by another Russian soldier who did not want to surrender. Apparently “as a punishment”, the Ukrainian military personnel then also killed the Russian soldiers lying on the ground, who had previously surrendered.

More on the subject – Ukrainian soldiers shoot ten Russian prisoners of war and post evidence online themselves


Source-2: detv.us. Source-1/Video: RT DE. AWIP: http://www.a-w-i-p.com/index.php/aL87


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