Time to get rid of the Royals

Dr Vernon Coleman

Charles, the longest heir-in-waiting in history, must be desperately hoping that he now lives long enough to have his face on some coins and currency notes.

I was startled to see that he talked recently about the huge burden he now carries (‘the heavy duty of sovereignty’). – Really?

Charles has no significant, practical responsibilities other than overseeing the spending of huge quantities of taxpayers’ money. It seems to me that his main duties are to wave, open things (he’d fly 1,000 miles in a private jet to open an envelope or a cupboard) and plant occasional trees. And the tree planting just involves tossing a little earth into a ready dug hole. Hardly arduous, is it? Sitting at a supermarket check-out is infinitely more arduous and rather less well-rewarded. Charlie should leave the whingeing to the Californian based specialists.

And yet, although they are supposed to keep out of important political affairs, the royals have for years now been breaking the contract which governs their very existence. A relative of ours had the toxic covid jab ‘because the queen said it was important to have it’. How many people were killed or injured by the late queen’s inexcusable interference and abuse of privilege? The royals made it clear they supported jabs and mask wearing and the EU and it doesn’t matter that they were wrong – what matters is that they used their influence with the gullible and the easily led when the constitutional deal was and is that they keep their opinions to themselves.

Can We Prevent 1941 From Happening Again?

Sergey Osipov

[This article clearly is written from the point of view of the Russian side in this conflict. The central point to be understood here is that the Russians experienced a living hell under the Nazis in 1941. It was a total nightmare for them. They will do whatever it takes to prevent this from ever happening again. Now they have the military means to do so. That being said, the article conveys the impressions of people on the ground, the ones that actually have to do the fighting. The writing may be a bit on the simplistic side, but this is to be expected as part of "the fog of war", the uncertainty in situational awareness experienced by participants in military operations. – We're sure it's interesting for some, but also a quick read for the rest. -Editor]

A column of German troops heading toward the front passing a column
of Soviet prisoners of war and their German guards after the German in-
vasion of the Soviet Union in July, 1941. (Archiwum Dokumentacji)

Russia February 24, perhaps for the first time decided to act ahead of the curve. And then a new era was to begin, including in Russian military science. The threat from the south is indeed very serious and must be stopped.

However, the results of the first half of the SMO look very alarming. The mechanism of "denazification" has slowed down and is about to freeze completely. Is it really necessary in the Russian character to first experience a humiliating defeat in order to then come to victory? And in our destiny, 1945 was impossible without 1941? [1][2]

The semiannual "anniversary" of the SMO slipped on a relatively optimistic note. In August, the RF Armed Forces managed to repulse the “epic” offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kherson direction. The enemy played with the choice of attack directions, but in the end did not guess right. There was a tense moment - our paratroopers really had to strain in the area of ​​Sukhoi Stavka and the surrounding villages.

But the "zahistniks"[i.e. "defenders"] managed to make only a narrow crack in the defense of the Russian army, things did not go further. The ramparts were shattered, and the results for fortification generally turned out to be deplorable. According to the estimates of the Russian Ministry of Defense, the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost about two full-fledged brigades in the form of dead and wounded in the Kherson direction. The first counted under four thousand people. It would seem that it would be possible to exhale and relax. But alas, not in our case.

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