Let Them Eat Fake

Rob Slane

The Society for Diverting Your Attention From Reality is an ancient organisation, yet it has seen its influence increase almost exponentially in recent years, having successfully infiltrated all corners of society, particularly Government and media. For instance, one its members, The Financial Times, recently reported on the Office for National Statistics’ revised 2020 GDP figures as follows:

“The coronavirus pandemic dealt the UK economy a larger blow than previously estimated, according to official data on Monday that showed the country recorded its biggest fall in growth in gross domestic product since 1709.”

Except of course it wasn’t the “coronavirus pandemic” that dealt this blow. As any schoolboy or schoolgirl sitting a history exam in 100 years’ time will be able to tell you, the shutting of shops, the forced closure of businesses, and the decision to wreck the economy cannot be attributed to the “coronavirus”, since by the reckoning of the UK Government said virus had an Infection Mortality Rate of 0.096%. Thus it wasn’t the alleged Bubonic Plague Redivivus that caused the economic cliff-jump, but rather the mad decrees of that Government, based on the Alice in Wonderland-level nonsense that perfectly healthy people can somehow transmit illnesses they don’t actually have to other perfectly healthy people. (As an aside, I see that certain people called Sunak and Truss, who I had thought were members of the Government that did that stuff to us, were apparently dead against it all along. Who knew?).

Another esteemed member of the Society for Diverting Your Attention From Reality is the BBC. Along with certain other members, it has noticed that there is an unusually high amount of excess deaths, particularly for this time of the year, which requires some kind of explanation. And so in the time-honoured fashion of Society members, it seeks to explain this glaring issue in a number of ways. Hot weather. Ageing population. Frailty after previous Covid infection. Bad health due to excess alcohol consumption and physical-inactivity levels over the past couple of years.

Some of these explanations are of course risible, particularly the idea that an ageing population might explain why many more people are dying this year than in previous years. The only one which comes close to explaining some of the excess deaths, however, is the claim that:

“…in the early stages of the pandemic, many people stayed away from the NHS — visits to A&E dropped by more than 50%.”

Yes they did, but why? The Corporation then gives us its entry for this year’s Taking-the-Biscuit Awards:

“Some have suggested the public health messaging and fear it caused went too far.”

Oh really? And who did that, we might ask? Oh yes, it was the BBC (and many others) who decided to terrorise a whole population by pouring out relentless propaganda lies. As Nathan the Prophet once remarked to King David, “You are the man”. You are the corporation, BBC. You did it.

But of course like the Financial Times explanation for the once in 300-year fall in GDP, the purpose of that BBC article is only to appear to attempt an explanation of why there’s a die-off occurring, so that attention is deflected from the real reason why there is a die-off occurring. Could it possibly be because millions of people were injected, without properly informed consent, with a novel, untested, mRNA, lipid-nanoparticle gene therapy, which went into their bloodstreams and multiple organs, causing their bodies to become production factories for a toxic protein? Could be. In what I think is the most worrying study I’ve seen to date on this, published in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice and Research, researchers used dark-field microscopic analysis to examine the blood of over 1,000 people who had been given the Pfizer or Moderna mRNA injection, and in a staggering 94% of cases they found “aggregation of erythrocytes and the presence of particles of various shapes and sizes of unclear origin one month after the mRNA inoculation.” But the Beeb would rather not trouble you with such explanations for the deaths, and will instead continue to regale you with things that don’t explain it.

Another example of the fakery we are served up on a daily basis is the extraordinary energy crisis that is engulfing the UK and most of Europe. Again, here cometh the Beeb to explain why energy bills are rising astronomically:

“Energy prices rose sharply when lockdown lifted and the economy began to return to normal. They have also increased because Russia has sharply cut its supplies of gas to Europe. This has pushed up the price of gas across the continent, including in the UK.”

Well, the first part of that has some truth in it, in that natural gas prices rose steeply at the start of 2021. However, the second part is more attention diverting. Russia did not cut its supplies of gas to Europe. What happened is EU and US sanctions led to the freezing of some $300 billion of its assets, which in turn led to Russia decreeing that gas purchases must henceforth be made in Rubles (or more precisely a scheme where payment is made in Dollars or Euros, which are then converted to Rubles). If the EU and others wish to receive gas, they can get it. If they don’t wish to pay in that way, then they can’t. Quite straightforward. But if they opt for the latter, they need to have other energy sources ready to replace that Russian gas. But lo and behold they don’t, chiefly because they have spent years decimating their nation’s ability to produce cheap energy for its citizens, on the pretext of chasing sustainable green unicorns as part of the climate hoax.

All three of these explanations — coronavirus causing economic calamity; an ageing population causing a rise in excess deaths; the war in Ukraine causing a massive leap in energy costs — all of them are cover-ups by the Society for Diverting Your Attention From Reality. And what they are designed to divert your attention away from is the Globalist elite’s subjecting the economy to a controlled demolition; their subjecting millions of people to a toxic injection; and their subjecting homeowners to a situation where they’ll have no way of paying their energy bills — until of course those behind these manufactured crises come along to do their Knight in Shining Armour act, no doubt promising some kind of debt relief, just so long as you sign up to the digital social credit slavery system that they’re dying to implement.

It now seems inevitable that we’re in for very difficult times in the months ahead. As the excess deaths keep coming; as you struggle to heat your house or even put food on the table; as the multiple manufactured crises continue to brew up a perfect storm, the architects of this Schwabbian dystopia will double down on their efforts to feed you fake. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, get acquainted with it now. If you’ve swallowed it, vomit it up. If you’re wise to it, stand your ground and make this your watchword: “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.


Source: The BlogMire. IMG: © N/A. AWIP: http://www.a-w-i-p.com/index.php/aK7d


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