American Subjects Think They Want To Know the Truth: But Can They Handle the Truth?

Gary D. Barnett

“There is beauty in truth, even if it’s painful. Those who lie, twist life so that it looks tasty to the lazy, brilliant to the ignorant, and powerful to the weak. But lies only strengthen our defects. They don’t teach anything, help anything, fix anything or cure anything. Nor do they develop one’s character, one’s mind, one’s heart or one’s soul.” ~ José N. Harris

The predetermined outcome of every aspect of the political system is the backbone of tyranny, in that fooling, frightening, and dividing the masses is the single best way to control them. Everything that happens in the political sphere is pre-planned and manipulative, regardless of which ‘side’ has currently been purposely selected and placed in power. There is, and never has been, any legitimate difference in politicians or political parties as a whole, and the left versus right paradigm is but a ruse, as both (all) sides work together to achieve the very same end result; which is one based only on money, power, and control.

Actually, the party system is the worst of all political systems in my view, because it is the most dishonest. In a monarchy, one ruling king with his units of enforcement, claims sole power over all. In a dictatorship, one ruler does virtually the same thing, but uses a political system as a cover, even if he takes power by force. In a pure and open oligarchy, the rule is by the few, but it is still evident that it is based on force and control. In all these situations, it is obvious that the people are ruled, and not free.

But in any democratic or socialist society, based on the scam of feigned participation (voting) by the common peasant class, the nefarious deceit is concealed behind a curtain of trickery and evil. The essence of all democratic societies is deception, and at best, it is unconditionally dishonest.

The origin and root of the word “democracy,” is from the Greek (δημοκρατία) from around 500 BCE. The word entered English around the 1570s, from the Middle French démocratie, but it originally comes, via Latin, from the ancient Greek demokratia, which literally means “rule” (kratos) by the “people” (demos). It is direct democracy, or a participant government where citizens who wish to have a say in government can participate in it. In this country, we are cursed with what is falsely referred to as a “representative republic,” which is simply a ‘representative’ democracy by proxy, where a small group is supposedly tasked with representing the entirety of society. It is based on the scam of ‘allowing’ for a voting process, where one or another can ‘legally’ rule over you. This is a most dishonest system; in that it is presented as a scheme where each and every citizen supposedly has the ability to participate in the governing process due to having one vote in hundreds of millions, in order to decide their political fate in a system based on authoritarian rule. In any system such as this, the outcome is always the same; a master and slave society is created. This idea is so ludicrous, and is obviously fraudulent in nature, as it is purposely meant to fool the sheep into believing that they have power over those they voluntarily allow to rule over them. Nothing could be more ridiculous or fraught with such exploitive deception as this thinking.

Most in this country believe that democracy coincides with freedom, but they simply do not understand the concept. Those staunch ‘constitutionalists’ on the other hand; those who rely on the idea of a so-called ‘representative republic’ as liberator, never understand that there is little or no difference between this form of deceit and a direct democracy. They also believe that they are free and have rights due to a worthless piece of parchment created, adopted, and implemented by politicians and colluding charlatans. That is an impossible assumption to make, as has obviously been proven over and over again. They are in fact the most deluded of all in my opinion, because they have been duped into believing that there is a real difference in their position. This is due to long-term brainwashing, without any reliance on truth, reality, and the inevitable outcome that is forever present in this type of tyrannical rule. All is based on propaganda and lies, without benefit of intelligent judgement, or any recognition of the fact that the agendas of governments, all governments, are always for the expansion of power and control; never for the benefit of the people.

The party and governing system are a complete fraud, so voting is just a plot to fool the public into believing that they are in control and have a say. They don’t. Voting is only allowed because it can never bring about any relief from tyranny; it can only perpetuate it. There are no political saviors, only political monsters, so each time another president is selected, the indoctrination and division continue, allowing for more continued destruction of liberty.

Republicans and Democrats, (most recently, Trump and Biden) while slightly different at the margins, are in essence nearly identical. This is not unique to these two political whores, but is forever present, regardless who is in office. Try to consider the paths taken, and the outcomes of all that has happened throughout history, and is still happening today; all thought to be guided by this duplicitous and intimately connected system of governance. Always remember, that the entire government, regardless of any claimed party, is but one and the same beast. It is the controlled agent of the undeniable power; the lackey, so to speak, of the bankers, the large corporate system, the billionaires, the privileged ‘aristocracy,’ and the hidden oligarchs, behind the plot to control the entire planet by technocratic means. Remember also, that in order for this heinous plan to come to fruition, all property, all food and energy, all natural resources, and all of humanity, will have to be controlled from a centralized position wielding extreme and unrestricted power in order to gain absolute dominance.

The United States has been prosecuting aggressive war for approximately 94% of its history. That means both camps are perpetual warmongers, despite party affiliation. Considering Obama, Trump, and Biden, the aggressive wars and support for them has been evident continuously in Syria, Yemen, and Ukraine. Bush’s terror campaign against Iraq and Afghanistan, among many other areas, has also been pursued by all the presidents since. The war rhetoric against China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran is never-ending, as fear is peddled by every president, Congress, and its media. Spending and money printing out of thin air escalates after every election to the tune of trillions, and Trump’s last year saw almost $7 trillion in spending. Liberty destruction, surveillance of the citizenry, control measures, and massive regulation are more rampant in each and every cycle. Trump was the first and main driver of the ‘covid hoax, and Biden continues in his footsteps. Trump heavily pushed and still pushes for the murderous bio-weapon injection referred to as the ‘covid vaccination, and even claims to be the “father of the vaccine.” Biden is doing the same, and continuing to attempt to ramp up fear of fake ‘viruses,’ so as to poison more Americans. U.S. economic destruction was initiated by Trump’s horrendous ‘covid’ response, and continues unabated under Biden. The evil Fauci worked under 7 presidents, including under Trump and Biden, and Deborah Birx was appointed to the so-called ‘Coronavirus Task Force’ by Trump, and only left this year due to personal improprieties. The Cabinet appointments and appointments of corrupt judges of both are absolutely horrendous, as is always the case with current and past presidents. Support of the “Great Reset,” regardless of rhetoric, has been almost without limit, and the ‘climate change’ agendas continue to be pursued aggressively, no matter who is in office.

This is barely touching the surface of all of the similarities among all presidents and most all high-level politicians, whether right, left, or in between, and any differences pale in comparison. This has always been so, but most all in this country continue to support, and in many cases, worship, one or the other side, while the ever-increasing tyrannical behavior only escalates.

The truth is that all politics are corrupt to such an extent as to be vastly criminal. Both sides (all sides) work together against all of us, and do so knowingly. The good cop-bad cop political plot is always in place, but the roles are reversed on a regular basis, so as to be able to continue to deceive the masses into believing that their side is right, when in fact, both sides are evil. The right claims to be one thing, and the left claims to be another, all while seeking to achieve the exact same agenda. The resulting division amongst society keeps all off guard to such an extent as to allow the continued destruction of America with little or no resistance evident.

You have been duped, cheated, lied to, brainwashed, robbed, surveilled, censored, imprisoned, masked, economically destroyed, psychologically tortured, poisoned, and in many cases murdered, so the state can continue its quest for globalization and technocratic control over all. You have allowed your children to be indoctrinated, abused, injected with toxins, taught to question their legitimate biology; to attempt to ‘become’ boys when they are girls, and girls when they are boys. When will you learn to accept the truth, and distrust this wretched and immoral state for what it truly is; a religious cult leading you into the fires of hell?

Don’t be fooled any longer. The war today is a war against all of you; it is the ruling class and governments warring against all the people. It is an intentionally designed global phenomenon that is never-ending, and can only lead to the destruction of most all life on earth. The elections you allow to divide you are the biggest bread and circus of all time, and serve only to divide, and never bring together. If acceptance of these truths become broad-based, progress toward freedom could flourish. Consider the obvious solution, which is for the masses to ignore and never comply with any ruling tyrannical government. Therefore, do not participate in your own demise. If no one votes, no one can be elected, and what a wonderful world that would be.


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