"For Reasons Unknown" – A Deafening Silence

Rob Slane

Yet another ambulance whizzes by (I lose count these days). Yet another sad story of a young person dying in their sleep for ‘reasons unknown’. Yet another week goes past with excess mortality way above normal: And yet the sound of crickets chirping in the echo chamber continues.

I had thought we’d seen enough weirdness to fill our days when people were somehow persuaded that they could prevent the spread of a microscopic virus by various superstitious rituals such as keeping 2 metres apart, covering their faces with bits of cloth, and scrubbing their hands with alcoholic squirty things.

But we hadn’t seen anything yet. We’ve now moved onto the phase in the movie where people are dying of the ‘cure’, and yet there’s no acknowledgement, no outcry, no demands for those who did this to be held to account. Is this how we go out — with a whimper? Or is there a tipping point when millions finally realise just how they were duped into giving up their liberties, their health and even their lives?

Here’s a brief refresher on that duping for those who still don’t know what I’m talking about. Some extremely unhinged people — let’s call them Fauci and Co — funded and created a souped-up pathogen in a lab, which was potentially deadly to a very small minority of people. This was then released into a population — wittingly or unwittingly, I’m not sure — and these people and their rich and powerful accomplices in governments, media and various world forums took it upon themselves to terrorise the planet, making out this was a sort of Bubonic Plague Redivivus, freaking people out to carry out the aforementioned superstitious rituals. Said freakery was all done in order to get people to take a completely untested medical product, using a technology never before used in a vaccine in humans, which — irony of ironies — causes their cells to become ongoing production factories for billions of copies of the very part of the pathogen that caused the severe illness they were so freaked out by: the lab-created, souped-up Spike Protein.

By now, most people living in countries where these shots were promoted en masse must know of previously healthy people who have unexpectedly succumbed to various serious illnesses including heart disease, strokes, neurological conditions, aggressive cancers, or even death in the past year or so. I personally know of numerous cases of healthy people going downhill rapidly after the shot. Of course, people will say I can’t prove they were jab-related. Well of course I can’t, since I’m not a pathologist. The problem, however, is that the number of pathologists doing the tests that need to be done to establish causality is — according to Board Certified pathologist, Dr. Ryan Cole — pitifully few.

Data showing adverse effects and deaths is quite staggering. Latest figures from the European reporting system, EudraVigilance show almost 50,000 deaths and almost 4.7 million adverse events, yet these numbers are almost certainly just a small part of the true numbers, given the fact that these systems are notoriously underreported. In Germany, around 1 in 23 people who had the injections have ‘experienced an adverse reaction strong enough to trigger an insurance claim.’ Oh and a recent study from Thailand of over 300 teenagers who had been injected found that ‘18% had an abnormal electrocardiogram, or EKG after receiving their second dose of Pfizer’ and that:

💬 ‘Cardiovascular effects were found in 29.24% of patients, ranging from tachycardia, palpitation, and myopericarditis.’

Let that sink in. Potentially millions of young people around the world are walking around with subclinical heart damage, but without the faintest clue right now of what has been done to them.

And yet there is near silence. Why? I get why those who have created these things, promoted these things, endorsed these things would want to keep quiet as this monumental global medical catastrophe unfolds. But what about those who administered these things having believed the fraudulent claims that they were safe and effective? Aren’t they angry at how they were used? Or do they still think they were saving lives? What about those who actually took them, or who foisted them on their children, because they too really believed the fraudulent claims of Big Pharma and Co? Aren’t they angry at how they were duped? Or do they still believe the risible claims that these injurious, cytotoxic, clotting products are both safe and effective?

Has there ever been such a vast disconnect between reality and unreality? The mountain of anecdotal evidence, the ton of data now available, and of course the realities of Big Pharma’s own fraudulent studies, all point to these products having injured or killed millions across the world in the short-term. And given how they infect and destroy cells that are essential for a fully functioning immune system, they will likely be injuring and killing countless numbers for years to come. And yet they are still officially safe, and I and others who keep warning about them are still officially conspiracy theorists simply for pointing out what government data shows.

The real blocker on people accepting this is that most simply cannot grasp the idea that their health authorities could have been lying and misleading them. They cannot grasp that they were misled into taking part in what is by a vast distance the largest medical experimentation on humans ever perpetrated. And so they continue to dismiss reporting by the likes of The Exposé, as it is not an “official” source, even though most of what is done on that excellent site is simply downloading, processing and analysing official government data from around the world.

Although I fully expect the authorities will continue to cover up vaccine deaths by regaling us with fantastic yarns about how heart attacks can be caused by anything and everything — except a jab which causes blood clots and heart attacks, of course — I do wonder whether a tipping point is coming. Not just yet. Even now a new concoction of witches’ brew is being made, with a new Moderna dual ‘vaccine’ — designed to cause the body to become a production factory for both the non-existent Wuhan toxic spike protein and the soon-to-be-non-existent Omicron toxic spike protein — about to be unleashed. Yet that tipping point must come. Reality always trumps lies and fraud in the long-run. There must come a point when even the most incurious begin to wonder how all those dead bodies they see swept under the proverbial carpet got there.

Source: The BlogMire. IMG: Office For National Statistics. AWIP: http://www.a-w-i-p.com/index.php/aK6L


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