"The Repeal" shows how the Amish, in one county, fought to save ALL New Yorkers from what's happening now

Mark Crispin Miller

A powerful short documentary from the team behind the great "Perspectives on the Pandemic" series

This global drive to “vaccinate” the human race did not come out of nowhere, but was preceded, over decades, by “public health” campaigns that variously readied people for it, by expertly convincing them that their lives, and their children’s lives, depended utterly on their obeying, without question, the dictates of “public health,” however needless and/or risky they may be.

That preparatory process has been underway for quite some time; but it accelerated in the Eighties, when the vaccination schedule for our children started growing radically (some might say metastasizing) into the relentless poisonous assault it is today. That push increasingly entailed the demonization of all those who wouldn’t go along, whether on medical grounds or for religious reasons, all such heretics now fiercely vilified as “anti-vaxxers.” – I write this as one whose family has been variously ravaged by that program (which killed my nephew, Giovanni, at two months old), and as a friend to many parents of vaccine-injured children. Such hard experience is now especially poignant, as this murderous faux-vaccination drive continues to kill children, along with countless others of all ages, all around the world.

The unprecedented horror of this drive, and the imperative to stop it, now require that we all take a critical look back at its pre-history, from the fateful rise of “Rockefeller medicine,” to the polio scare, to the HIV/AIDS scam, and the over-vaccination craze that started shortly after it, casting all those who would not comply as fools or monsters.

In furtherance of this urgent re-examination, please watch, and share, The Repeal, a new short documentary on the legal fight waged, in 2019, by the Amish in Seneca County, New York, when the state sought to ban religious and medical vaccine exemptions—an effort that foretold the COVID “vaccine” propaganda that flared up the year after.

From John Kirby, director of The Repeal:

💬 In the years leading up to the pandemic, major campaigns were underway across the United States and around the world to repeal longstanding religious and philosophical exemptions to medical mandates. What follows is the story of what happened in Seneca County, New York, in 2019 when the local Amish community attempted to resist that campaign in their state.

This video was filmed in the weeks before Covid emerged. Of particular note is that NY State's religious and philosophic exemptions were repealed a few short months before Covid...almost as if in preparation.


Source: News From Undergraound. VIDEO: You Tube. AWIP: http://www.a-w-i-p.com/index.php/aK4c


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