In the hands of Ukraine’s executioners

Laurent Brayard

Nadiya Sávchenko [lower r. hand corner], Ukrainian politician, ex-member of
#Aidar Battalion. French journalist Laurent Brayard tells how Sávchenko was
directly involved on the mass torture of civilians in Donbass, including a priest.

Torture in Ukraine - Harrowing testimony from Journalist Laurent Brayard (Video)

This article and these testimonies were collected by Laurent Brayard on 29 November 2015 in Donetsk. These investigations, carried out in 2015 and 2016, aimed to give a voice to inhabitants of Donbass or Ukraine who had been victims of political repression, torture and exactions by the Ukrainian army, the repression battalions and the SBU political police.

These people had been arrested or abducted, and then after a more or less long period of illegal detention in Ukraine, had been exchanged by the Donbass Republicans. [The] testimonies, which are already very old, show that for 8 years, Ukraine engaged in terrible acts against ethnic Russians in the country, practising torture and without any reaction from the Western media. All these testimonies can be used in future tribunals so that justice is finally done.

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