There Comes a Time when there Is No Alternative to Fighting for Your Life and Liberty

Paul Craig Roberts

If you have a friend or relative who needs to be awakened to the rise of evil, give them a Christmas present of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s book, "The Real Anthony Fauci." There is no better eye opener for insouciant Americans than this book.

The book begins with a quote from Dr. John Abramson, Harvard Medical School, to remind us that the primary function of NIH- and Big Pharma- funded medical research is not public health but return on pharmaceutical investment.

Fauci’s one man control through NIH, the Gates Foundation, and the Wellcome Trust gives him control over 57 percent of worldwide medical research, thus solidifying his personal control over the Covid narrative.

Fauci and his acolytes at NIH receive six figure annual royalty payments on products they helped develop and ushered through the FDA approval process, including the Covid vaccine, and this is on top of Fauci’s taxpayer-funded salary, the highest in the US federal government. The CDC itself, allegedly a taxpayer-funded regulatory agency, owns and profits from 57 vaccine patents and spends 41% of its annual $12 billion budget buying and distributing vaccines. NIH owns hundreds of vaccine patents and profits from the sale of products it regulates. Try to comprehend the conflict of interest in this fact: The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) receives 45% of its budget from Big Pharma. – Little wonder that Fauci engineered the creation of Covid with research grants, and the virus somehow was released in the interest of Big Pharma vaccine profits. The conservatives protect Fauci by blaming China, the country where Fauci shifted the research funding from the University of North Carolina.

Kennedy, one of the last true Americans, shows that the “Covid Pandemic” is an orchestrated coup against public health and Western democracy and accountable government. Kennedy also exposes the coverup roles played by the presstitute media — CNN, MSNBC, NPR, NY Times and other presstitute organizations, along with Big Tech robber barons and the military and intelligence organizations, in controlling the Covid narrative:

“The disturbing story that unfolds here has never been told, and many in power have worked hard to prevent the public from knowing it.”

It is our task to help our insouciant friends and relatives to wake up. If Robert Kennedy’s book doesn’t wake them up, they are a total lost cause. As Americans succumb to propaganda and brainwashing, the life of liberty grows dimmer. My own fear is that even with my advanced age I will outlive the “free world.”

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Julian Assange are the two greatest persons of our time. The totally corrupt and utterly evil American establishment intends to destroy both of them. Support them or you will go down with them. Now is the time to fight or to kiss freedom and liberty good-bye.

Source: Institute for Political Economy. IMG: "Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, at a White House briefing on coronavirus on Saturday, March 21, 2020." (Joshua Roberts/Reuters/ AWIP:


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