A Plea to the Vaxxed: Come Join us And Let’s Kick This Demonic Agenda Back to the Bottomless Pit From Whence it Came

Rob Slane

So here we are, 20 months into the most insidious agenda ever perpetrated, and it is now abundantly obvious that the “Conspiracy Theorists” were right.

Australia is now a full blown tyranny; the Green Pass is a thing across Europe; tens of thousands of care workers have been sacked for not taking a dangerous experimental product that prevents neither infection nor transmission, leaving the elderly in care homes in a desperate plight; Austria has resurrected the concept of Untermenschen (subhuman) for the first time since the little moustachioed dictator; children are being jabbed with a product that has no health benefits to them and huge risks; and Sesame Street’s Big Bird is now considered a greater authority on mRNA gene therapies than the guy who invented the technology. – Welcome to the Asylum!

For those who’ve been peddling the “Conspiracy Theorist” jibe for 20 months, give it up. Pretty much everything we were warning you about last year has either come true, is in the process of coming true, or in fact turned out to be a pale imitation of what is actually happening. There are things which even the wildest of our breed could never have envisioned, even if we’d spent a decade in a basement with our very best tinfoil hat on trying to hone our entry for the World’s Most Demented Scenario Award.

Like shutting down entire societies and economies – for the sake of a virus with a 99.9% Survivability Rate [*]. Like making everyone walk around with damp rags covering their faces – for the sake of a virus with a 99.9% Survivability Rate. Like herding people into getting injected with a brand new, never-been-used-before-in-vaccines technology, which uses lipid nanoparticles to distribute mRNA around the body, where it then causes billions of toxic pathogens to be produced in every organ of the body – for the sake of a virus with a 99.9% Survivability Rate.

However, we now appear to be edging towards a crunch point. The authorities who have perpetrated the sickest and slickest propaganda assault ever witnessed, are inevitably getting rather cocky. This is inevitable, of course, since arrogant sociopaths tend to get over-confident when they appear to be getting away with their audacious plans. That’s just the way God’s world works. So confident are they, in fact, that in Britain (as has happened elsewhere) the Actor-in-Chief has just announced that those who took their experimental mRNA injection so they could get their freedom will have to take the next one, or their status will be precisely the same as those who have been absurdly mocked as “Anti-Vaxxers”:

“Booster jabs will make life easier for you in all sorts of ways and we will have to adjust our concept of what constitutes ‘fully vaccinated.'”

Got that? Do you begin to see what they are doing now? Or is it still a Conspiracy Theory? If you think the latter, you’ll need to explain what you mean. Is the Conspiracy Theory the idea that they are going to make everyone take endless boosters for a virus with a 99.9% Survivability Rate? Or is it the idea that there is anything nefarious in forcing everyone to take endless boosters for a virus with a 99.9% Survivability Rate?

The long and short of it is this: with a wave of the hand, just like that 35 million British people who went and took their shot, believing it was their path to freedom, now find themselves facing the prospect of becoming unvaxxed should they fail to comply. And many will not comply. Many will be understandably cheesed off, realising they were duped and deceived, and having no wish to be so again. Many who have suffered severe adverse reactions from these pathogen-producing shots will have no wish to put themselves through that again. Many will have realised something is up after getting their shots and finally doing some research. They may, for instance, have come across this recent horrifying study from the Universities of Stockholm and Umeå, which shows that the Spike Protein (which these shots cause the body to produce billions of throughout the body), actually enters the cell nucleus and impairs DNA damage repair. I have no doubt that those behind all this knew this very well before they started the biggest medical experiment ever, as this doctor very helpfully summarises.

Which leads us back to what the Austrian Regime has just brought in, what the German Regime is now considering, and what other Regimes are no doubt about to follow: a Lockdown of the unvaccinated or Untermenschen, which prohibits them from taking part in just about all normal aspects of life. One might have thought that those two countries would be very careful about implementing a system eerily reminiscent of one imposed back in the day by a certain dictator, but apparently lessons from history and a sense of irony have deserted their corridors of power.

Medically this is of course utter nonsense, since the product in question prevents neither infection nor spread of the virus with a 99.9% Survivability Rate, but it may be that many of the “vaxxed” will approve such action. If so, I would advise them to think this through very carefully. You see, the authorities are not creating a fixed class of Untermenschen, which would of course be horrific. No, by insisting that everyone takes continual boosters in order to be counted as fully vaxxed, what they are doing is creating a fluid category. By which I mean that any member of the public that refuses to get their next mRNA or DNA pathogen-producer, whether down to conscience, injury, or just an awakened sense of what is being done to them, will find themselves joining the class of dirty, unclean, sub-humans such as myself. In other words, the condition of remaining outside the Untermenschen is to agree to be a slave of the Vaccine State for the rest of your life.

Let me state that another way. Every single one of us — whether vaxxed or unvaxxed — is looked on as Untermensch by the perpetrators of this crime, unless we agree to be topped up with their pathogen-inducing mRNA product, for a virus with a 99.9% Survivability Rate, on a regular basis, perhaps even for the rest of our lives. It is slavery either way.

Which is why I issue this urgent plea to the vaxxed:

You are only one missed booster away from being downgraded. Is this what you call freedom? Is this what you thought you were getting when you got the shot? Are you not furious that you were lied to? If so, come and join those of us who have been opposing this demonic attack on humanity for months, and by God’s grace and through his power let’s defeat it and kick its butt back to the Bottomless Pit from whence it came.


[*] The claim of 99.9% Survivability Rate is from the UK Government, which responded to a written Parliamentary question here about the Overall Infection Mortality rate with the answer 0.096%. This is lower than that stated on the WHO website here, who accepted John Ioannidis’s calculation of an Infection Fatality Rate of 0.23% (so Survivability Rate of 99.77%). However, Professor Ioannidis has since reappraised his initial calculation to 0.15% (so Survivability Rate of 99.85%) here. All this is of course without the application of effective treatment protocols, which are estimated to save the lives of up to 85% of even the very vulnerable, but which have been ruthlessly suppressed and censored by Governments and media.

Source: The Blogmire. Image: Gustave Doré. AWIP: http://www.a-w-i-p.com/index.php/aI3W


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