The Amish Know the Truth

Anna Von Reitz

We have grown up in a world that preaches about “the global community”, and in a sense, yes, we are all part of a global community of people trying to live and better our situations according to the lights we see.

We also constantly hear about “global interdependence” and how one country is dependent on other countries and how we all have to make a good faith effort to get along. That’s true, too — as far as it goes, and on a large scale.

What has been lost sight of in all these high-minded and large scale discussions, is the relationship between self-determination, independence, and self-sufficiency.

You can’t be independent if you are depending on others for things vital to your survival. And if you are not independent, you can’t chart your own course as an individual nor as a country.

By becoming dependent, you give up your ability to self-determine and self-govern. You are reduced down to the lowest common denominator of need.

Let’s use an urgent and immediate example— the new cars coming out this year have dozens of computers installed in them, working every possible function. All those computers have circuit boards and memory chips and “modules” that can fail and render the car useless. And guess where most of those modules are manufactured? China. All it takes is one little glitch, and your brand new $85,000.00 wonder car can be reduced to a safety hazard, or parked, for an indefinite period of time, waiting for parts from a foreign country.

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