18 Months to Flatten Civilisation

Rob Slane

It is now 18 months since the order for the house imprisonment of millions of perfectly healthy people was given, apparently because of the lethal virus with a median Survival Rate Estimate of around 99.85%. As soon as the British Prime Minister had finished his appalling address, I set about writing a piece, which contained these words:

“So that seems to be that. The end of Britain as we knew it. Make no mistake: this is the most monstrous attack on a free people in the history of Britain.”

Well here we are, after 18 months of infantile slogans, grotesque Lockdowns, dehumanising Masks, mass abuse of authority, Government by diktat, tyrannical powers in formerly free countries that still seem unimaginable, and the most dangerous medical experiment in history, and these words have been entirely vindicated. The Britain we knew is gone, and the same story is true in countless other countries, which have also been turned into some other place entirely. Yet still the project rolls on relentlessly towards its dystopian, hellish goal.

In a subsequent piece in April 2020, I made the following observation:

“Personally, I’d rather trust myself into the hands of the Living God than surrender to the Bill Gatesian Social Distancing Medical Despotism of compulsory vaccines, certifications and health apps that is starting to take shape around us.”

Sounds kind of prophetical, doesn’t it? And yet despite the fact all this has come to pass, those who labelled people like me Conspiracy Theorists for writing such things then, continue to view us as such when we warn of new lockdowns, huge economic hardship, food shortages this Autumn/Winter, and Vaccine Enhanced Disease — even when these things are also coming to pass. Ho hum!

I’ve spent much of the last 18 months trying to figure out why it is that ordinarily rational people simply do not understand what has been happening to them, to their neighbours, to their society, to their civilisation, and to the world. I am well aware that governments have used unprecedented levels of propaganda of a type that would make Orwell’s Ministry of Truth blush. I am equally sure — given the observation many have made that something like mass hypnosis has taken place — that we are dealing with something beyond the human realm; that is, spiritual forces of wickedness in high places, which the Bible mentions numerous times as being behind times of great deception (see Revelation 20:7-10, for instance). But still, on a practical level, what is it that makes ordinarily astute people completely misunderstand the nature of what is occurring?

There are, I think, two main reasons.

The first is that the enormity and the ghastliness of the one explanation that fits the facts — which is that we are experiencing a deliberate, “controlled demolition” of the existing socioeconomic order, so that it might be replaced with a hideous centralised technocracy — is simply too much for people to cope with, particularly given the historically unprecedented times of comfort and prosperity we’ve enjoyed. And so some prefer to continue believing comforting lies, rather than be confronted with unnerving truths. Some prefer not to think about it at all, like a child who covers his eyes to make the big monster disappear. And some prefer to believe it must all be a gigantic cock-up, which will all come good at some point when — at least in Britain — good ole “Boris” finally gets his act together and becomes Super-Libertarian-Man, which they still delude themselves into thinking he is.

I get the sentiment. I don’t want this particular truth to be true. But it is what it is, and suffice it to say they really aren’t injecting little children with dangerous experimental products because of a virus (which they have a 0.0001% chance of dying from). Nor are they doing it because they’re incompetent. Nor will shutting your eyes make it go away.

The second reason is that the authors of this whole demonic debacle have very skillfully woven two separate narratives together into one, in such a way as to prevent people from seeing what is being done to them. Those two narratives are:

1. There is a public health crisis caused by a virus
2. We must respond with a series of restrictions, leading to Salvation by Vaccine.

But let’s flesh these out to see what it’s really about.

Yes, there was indeed a virus in the human population, but it was the man-made result of gain-of-function research dating back at least two decades. However, not only was this virus potentially dangerous to just a tiny proportion of the population (around 0.15%), but — and this is absolutely fundamental — it was perfectly treatable even for such people. According to one of America’s most eminent scientists and physicians, Dr Peter McCullough, the treatment protocol he put in place could have saved 85% of even those vulnerable people. Do you remember the authorities once talking about treatments in 2020? You assuredly don’t because they absolutely didn’t. In fact, they suppressed all news of such treatments, and all we got was a relentless barrage of cases, hospitalisations, deaths, cases, hospitalisations, deaths, as if it were an untreatable illness. Which it wasn’t. Now why would they do that?

The restrictions put in place were therefore entirely unnecessary, particularly Lockdown and Masks, which had zero scientific evidence behind them when they were implemented, and have no more now, except that which shows the enormous harm they have done. Furthermore, because they were entirely unnecessary, the only logical conclusion to reach is that they were in reality nothing whatsoever to do with public health and protection against a virus. Think about it: if the authorities knew that only a tiny subset of the population was clinically vulnerable to a particular illness — which they did — and they knew that said illness was eminently treatable — which they did — why on earth was there a need to compel millions of healthy and not-at-risk people to stay at home, to stop having social interactions, to strap futile cloths across their faces, and finally to submit to an experimental product that is entirely needless, and for which there is zero long-term safety data (there’s short to mid-term data coming in, and to say it looks horrendous would be an understatement)?

The gain-of-function virus and the apparent response were thus deliberately conflated in people’s minds, but in reality they have nothing to do with one another, other than the fact that the former was used as cover for the latter. The purpose of Lockdowns was not to stop the spread of a virus (which it singularly failed to do anyway). Their purpose was to control people both socially and economically, particularly in order to slow down economic activity after trillions of dollars had been pumped into bankrupt economies to prop them up (to avoid hyperinflation). Masks were introduced as a psychological control to keep the fear going until the next Lockdown was “needed”, and both were in place to make people desperate enough to greet the experimental products as the Saviour of the World. These were then intended to lead to Vaxx Passports, which in turn are intended to lead to a universal Digital ID. And the purpose of that is the complete enslavement of entire populations in a Social Credit, Transhumanist Technocracy — a Digital, Medical, Biological Prison. Conspiracy Theory, huh? You’re living through it, mate!

The last 18 months can thus be thought of as a Controlled Demolition, hidden behind a public health crisis, in 7 steps:

Step 1: Fear
Step 2: Lockdowns
Step 3: Masks
Step 4: Vaccines
Step 5: Vaxx Passes
Step 6: Universal Digital ID
Step 7: Digital Prison


I honestly don’t know what more the authorities need to do to alert people to all this. Australia currently resembles a more prosperous version of North Korea, and the tyrannical Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, has just informed citizens that come next year it won’t be a Vaxx Passport, but a Booster Passport that will be needed. In Israel, the double-jabbed are now viewed as unjabbed if they don’t agree to become triple-jabbed, and the triple-jabbed will then be viewed as unjabbed if they don’t agree to be quadruple jabbed. Don’t even ask about the quintuple jabbed, because as Professor Sucharit Bhakdi has warned on numerous occasions, by the time you get that far you need to make sure your last will and testament is in place. Time would fail me to mention all the other formerly free countries and their despotic measures which are destroying life, wrecking society, demolishing civilisation.

Whatever you previously thought about Lockdowns and Masks; whatever you initially thought about Vaccines; whether you’ve been jabbed or not; surely you must by now smell that smell of a thousand rats? Surely you must begin to see how you’ve been deceived? Nothing your Governments promised if you did what you were told have come to pass, and instead of three weeks to flatten some curve, here you are 18 months later and your future, your children’s future and indeed the future of your civilisation are in the gravest danger. Please stop kidding yourself it’s about a virus and resolve to find whatever lawful means at your disposal to oppose what is happening.

But let me end on a greatly optimistic note, which as a Postmillennial Christian I cannot help but do. Whilst I have no doubt that in 2020 we entered an era of great darkness, or that there are graver judgements still to come, I also have no doubt that the Eternal God in his Sovereignty has allowed this to happen, ultimately that he might bring the nations to repentance after decades of apostasy, ungodliness, and gross idolatry. And do it he will, such that the whole world will be filled with his glory and his blessing be upon all the nations. As his word promises:

All the ends of the earth shall remember and turn to the Lord,
and all the families of the nations shall worship before you.
For kingship belongs to the Lord, and he rules over the nations.
” (Psalm 22:27-28)


Source: TheBlogMire. Image: Screenshot from InfoWars. AWIP: http://www.a-w-i-p.com/index.php/aI0t


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