We Can't Let Them Get Away With It

Max Igan

The thing is the world is changing. The world is changing! Everything is breaking down. The whole system is breaking down.

They want it to break down into the Great Reset, they wanna have the reset that they wanna have. Their money system is breaking down, their government system is breaking down, it's all breaking down.

And it's gonna be how we play it, what we do about it. And you know that with everything that they're doing, they want us feeling negative, they want us feeling bad, they want us worried about everything. That's why I keep saying to you: no stake in the outcome. Don't stress about all this stuff because everything they do is, they're trying to put you into fear. They wanna make you feel hopeless.

So I try to keep it empowering. No stake in the outcome, you've gotta see what the game is, but then you've gotta intend for it to go the way you wanna do. You know, as I've often said to people, the true nature of prayer is to put yourself in the emotional state where the prayer has already been answered. Your whole life is a prayer because you're having this emotional conversation. All the time you're having this emotional conversation, and then the field is mirroring that back to you. If you're in a state of fear, if you're in a state of stress about income, or stress about money, or stress about anything, well, that's what you're putting into the field. And if you pray for something, if you pray for peace, or you pray for love, what you're doing is you're carrying out a negative affirmation, and you're confirming there is no peace & there is no love. Now, if you want peace, you put yourself in the emotional state what you would feel like if that peace was already in the world? What would you feel like if all of this stuff was breaking down around us, and humanity was going to shine through and get to that Golden Place that we've always wanted to be? How would it feel like to be in that place? Put yourself in that emotional state and see that that's what all this is. That's what this whole breakdown of the system is. It can go the way they want it to go, if they can get enough people in fear, to put that into the field and move us into that reality, but if enough people see this as a really positive thing and a really crucial time for humanity, and a time of great opportunity where humanity actually gets to stand in their power, we can change the world. It's really that simple. A lot of people don't think it is. They say that's hippie airy fairy new age, whatever, but they don't understand. They don't understand how it works.

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