US-Led NATO Risks Global War

Stephen Lendman

Washington operates extrajudicially. Threatening world peace. The world's global outlaw. Russia its moral leader. Vilified for doing the right thing. For defying America's hegemonic ambitions. Forthrightly. Courageously. Honorably. Responsibly. Supporting nation-state sovereign independence inviolability. Holding firm against America's rage to dominate. Especially over Russia. Never, according to Vladimir Putin. Not now. Earlier. Or ever. For sure not with him in charge.

On Tuesday, he spoke at the all-Russia People's Front. Responding to film director Yuri Kara. Asking if America wants to humiliate Russia.

"(N)ot so," said Putin. "The United States is not trying to humiliate us. It wants to subdue us, to settle its own problems at our expense." "To make us succumb to its influence. No one has ever managed to achieve this aim in relations with Russia or ever will," he stressed.

At the same time, Washington dominates other states. Bullying and pressuring them to go along. At the expense of their own self-interest.

"Try(ing) to defend (what benefits America). (F)or obscure reasons and with very hazy prospects." "I sometimes feel utter confusion,"Putin said. Protection of the so-called pan-European, Western influence to the detriment of one’s own national interests as a rule is fraught with several problems."

Universally defined common interests don't exist, Putin believes. Geopolitical ones vary from country to country.

Ordinary people everywhere want peace and stability. Polar opposite Washington's agenda.

"I think that our people rather like than dislike America and the American people," said Putin . "But most likely, the majority of our citizens have negative attitude towards the policy of the US ruling class."

German TV channel ARD interviewed Putin. He commented forthrightly like always. Polar opposite Obama. Big Lies dominate his rhetoric. Nothing he says is credible. Mocking legitimate leadership. Representing rogue state ruthlessness. Putin explains things honestly. Objectively. Telling it like it is. At times, mincing no words. Expressing concern about US-led NATO expansion. Encroaching on Russia's borders. Threatening its security. Deploying "Special Operations Forces" nearby. Imagine America's response if Russia operated this aggressively. Perhaps a cause for war. Virtually certain East/West confrontation. Potentially serious escalation.

Russia conducts military exercises within its own borders, Putin stressed. As well as "in international waters and international airspace." Never within other countries' sovereign territory. Claims otherwise are false, Putin said.

"In 1992, we suspended the flights of our strategic aircraft and they remained at their air bases for many years," he explained. "During this time, (Washington) continued the flights of their nuclear aircraft to the same areas as before, including areas close to our borders." "Therefore, several years ago, seeing no positive developments, no one is ready to meet us halfway, we resumed the flights of our strategic aviation to remote areas. That's all."

Claims about Russia violating international law don't wash, he maintains. "What is international law," he asked? The UN Charter, "international practice and its interpretation by relevant international institutions." Russia commits no violations, he stressed. Claims otherwise are false.

Ukraine is an important country. In Europe's heartland. Sharing a near 1,500 km land and sea border with Russia. Putin respects its sovereignty. Supports regional peace and stability. Goes all-out for it. The only country doing it. Malicious Big Lies claim otherwise.

Self-determination is a universal right. Donbass Ukrainians are entitled to "decide something for themselves in their lives," Putin said. International law supports them. Washington, rogue EU partners and Kiev have no right to deny them.

Extraordinary Russian efforts made Geneva and Minsk ceasefire agreements possible. Moscow alone goes all-out for regional peace and stability. At odds with US-led NATO's undermining efforts. Stoking conflict. Supporting Kiev's high crimes. Turning a blind eye to illegitimate putschist rule. Fascist governance in Europe's heartland. For the first time since Nazi Germany's defeat. Hugely dangerous. Demanding universal rejection. Wholeheartedly backed by America. Encouraging Kiev's worst high crimes. Supporting them with military aid. Lying claiming otherwise. Ignoring Donbass freedom fighters saying:

"These are our villages. We come from there. Our families and our loved ones live there." "If we leave, nationalist battalions will come and kill everyone. We will not leave. You can kill us yourselves."

Kiev reflects illegitimate coup d'état rule. Donbass activists reject it. Demanding real democracy. What people everywhere deserve.

Fighting rages in Southeastern Ukraine. Kiev wages dirty war. Without mercy. With chemical and other banned weapons. Murdering thousands, civilians, in cold blood. Russia categorically rejects what's ongoing. "(W)e won't let" genocidal slaughter continue, Putin said. Nor should any responsible leader. Putin wants things resolved diplomatically.

Polar opposite Washington's agenda. Waging one lawless war after another. For global dominance. Risking potentially catastrophic consequences. What no responsible leaders would dare. It bears repeating. America threatens world peace. Operating extrajudicially. A global outlaw and then some. Dominating NATO's killing machine. Turning truth on its head claiming "Russia blatant(ly) disregards…international norms in Ukraine."

"(O)ne example of its attempts to reject an international order that promotes democracy, sovereignty and the rule of law…, according to NATO's number two. Its de facto number one. Its eminence grise. Alexander Vershbow. An unindicted war criminal. Former US ambassador to South Korea and Russia. Assistant Defense Secretary for International Security Affairs. Responsible for US NATO policy. Including its wars of aggression. Against invented enemies every time. Posing no threat.

Big Lies claim otherwise. Saying non-existing Russian attempts destabilize Ukraine. [Saying] Moscow "blatantly breach(ing) international agreements and confidence measures." Suggesting new US-led NATO aggression. Unleashing its killing machine lawlessly. Ravaging and destroying more countries than already. Encroaching recklessly on Russia's borders.

Putin supports peace, stability, mutual cooperation, and multi-world polarity. America's unipolar model failed, he stresses. Months earlier saying:

"Peoples and countries are expressing more and more loudly their will to determine their destiny by themselves…" (T)o preserve their civilization and cultural identity, which comes into conflict with attempts by certain countries to keep their dominance in the military sphere, in politics, finance, economy and ideology." “Western partners (try to) persuade us that they had good intentions, that (they're) ready to combine efforts with us to build strategic cooperation."

"(A)t the same time, (they're) expanding NATO" close to Russia's borders. (M)ov(ing) their military and political control" where it doesn't belong. "Those who keep on (claiming) their exclusiveness are averse to Russia’s independent policy."

"Developments in Ukraine have demonstrated this only too well." "(T)hese developments…demonstrat(ing) that the model of relations with Russia based on double standards does not work."

Putin categorically rejects US-led Western countries trying "to impose common rules for every society." Stressing relationships based on "equal rights, mutual respect, and respect (for) each other's interests." "It is high time we recognized the right to be different, the right of each country to build its life on its own will, and not to anybody’s meddlesome dictation,” Putin stressed.

On November 18, Russian Foreign Sergey Lavrov told it like it is,saying: International conditions...

"...worsened as a direct result of serious systemic problems that have accumulated since the end of the Cold War." "These problems are primarily connected with the Western countries’ unwillingness to create a space where security is equal and indivisible, and also with their policy of eastward expansion of Western controlled geopolitical space." "This negative process resulted in the Ukrainian crisis. Following an unconstitutional military coup and the illegal seizure of power, Ukraine has been pushed to the edge of a split and is being torn apart by a fratricidal war."

Moscow continues going all-out for peaceful conflict resolution. Kiev is polar opposite. Illegitimate oligarch president Petro Poroshenko saying...

"...we are ready(ing) the scenario of full-scale war." Ukraine's army "is much better prepared compared to five months ago." Turning truth on its head claiming "we don't want anything more than peace."

While his forces wage genocidal war. Shelling Donbass civilian neighborhoods daily. Murdering noncombatants in cold blood. With full US support and encouragement.

Moscow advocates "immediate and inclusive" dialogue to end ongoing conflict, Lavrov stresses. Kiev "opted" for war. Threatens greater than ever carnage. Imposed socioeconomic strangulation. Nuremberg's "vaccine against the Nazi virus (lost) strength in…Latvia, Estonia and Ukraine," said Lavrov. US-led EU policy...

"...towards the crisis in Ukraine amounts to double standards and attempts to shift responsibility onto others and to use pressure in the form of sanctions." "This is seriously undermining confidence and stability on the continent." Lavrov "hope(s) the point of no return has not yet been reached."

Touch and go so far. Washington's "with us or against us" mentality undermines world peace and security. Russia remains committed to defending its sovereignty. Legitimate interests. Against hegemonic US ambitions.

On Wednesday, Lavrov participated in Russia's lower house State Duma's plenary session.Discussing Moscow's foreign policy priorities. Ukrainian crisis conditions. Provocative US-led Western sanctions. Obama's reckless intention to increase pressure. Possible new sanctions. At the same time, arming Kiev fascists. Supporting its genocidal campaign. Against its own people. Mass murder is official Poroshenko policy. Lawless by any standard. Irresponsible and then some.

Lots discussed on Wednesday. Including Moscow/EU relations. United Russia party first deputy head, Frants Klintsevich, saying: It's no "secret that many European countries go on a leash of the USA by imposing sanctions…" Detrimental to their own interests. Former good relations with Moscow. Vital to restore. Regional peace and security impossible without doing so. Russian lawmakers stressed it. Defusing incendiary conditions is essential.

Lavrov urged Kiev/Donbass dialogue. As a "first step" to resolving ongoing conflict. Preventing a bad situation from getting worse. Potentially spinning out-of-control.

"The West needs to stimulate this process and stop…blindly supporting everything (Kiev's) 'war party' is doing," said Lavrov. "Closing its eyes on the heinous breaches in human rights, outright criminal activity and military crimes."

Aiming perhaps for the impossible. "(M)utally acceptable agreements." What Washington and Kiev puppets categorically oppose. Risking the unthinkable. Possible global war. Trying to control humanity. Destroying it in the process. Lunatics run things in Washington. Peace is a four-letter word. Wars without end continue. In multiple theaters. Against invented enemies. New conflicts planned. Rogue states operate this way. None in world history matched America's ruthlessness. More recklessly risked humanity's survival. More urgently needs to be stopped.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He has devoted his time and efforts to progressive causes and organizations, all involved in working for a more humane and just world for all people everywhere, but especially for the most needy, disadvantaged and oppressed. His efforts since summer 2005 have included writing on a broad range of vital topics ranging from war and peace; social, economic and political equity for all; and justice for all the oppressed peoples of the world like the long-suffering people of Haiti and the Palestinians. He also co-hosts The Global Research News Hour, gives occasional public talks, and appears frequently on radio and at times television. He is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization. Also visit his blog and listen to The Lendman News Hour on Monday - Friday at 10AM US Central time for cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on world and national issues. All programs are archived for easy listening. His new book "How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War" can be ordered here. He can be reached at

Photo: RIA Novosti/A. Druzhinin. URL:


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