Appeal from the commander of the militia of Donetsk People`s Republic, Igor Strelkov

The Saker

Full text of the appeal of the commander of the militia of Donetsk People`s Republic Igor Strelkov (UPDATED WITH 2nd translation!) (Huge thanks to "CG" who found this text here. Translation by "E.K". - The Saker)

Citizens of the People's Republic of Donetsk, I appeal to you. With a request to rise in defense of your Motherland, your homes, your families, your people. It falls on me to ask you to do the thing that shouldn't need asking. After all, to rise for the Motherland and for the freedom in Russia always was an honourable thing. It is an honourable thing to answer the call, to which people that count themselves real men always willingly responded. Nevertheless, I should tell you the truth. Straight in your eyes. To tell harsh and, perhaps, even offensive for your dignity words.

For more than a month now, we, a small group of volunteers of Russia and Ukraine, having listened to the calls for help from the lips of leaders of the protest elected by you , arrived here and in the armed fight we resist all the Ukrainian army and the hired scum.

For the past month we heard many times a desperate appeal – give us the weapons! Give us the weapons so we could battle for the freedom, for the right to read and speak native Russian, for the right to honor our ancestors and heroes of the Great Patriotic War – not the henchmen of Nazi criminals. Having heard this appeal, we got the weapons. We took them from warehouses, took them away from the Ukrainian military and militia, bought them from underground dealers for unthinkable money. And now we have the weapons. They are not in the rear – they are not in Donetsk, Lugansk or Makeyevka, not in Shakhtyorsk or Anthracite. They are at the lines of defense - in the besieged city of Slavyansk, in Kramatorsk, in Konstantinovka. They are where they are needed most. They are where volunteers defend all of Donbass, and Donetsk, and Lugansk.

And here, around the cities of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, Krasniy Liman and Konstantinovka – where our garrisons are located – the Kiev junta gathered the most capable and numerous forces. There are two thirds of castigators and the headquarters of so-called anti-terrorist operation.

And there came the moment when each Donetsk citizen, capable to bear arms and to use them against enemies of the people, can arrive and receive the weapons directly in their hands. To receive and rise in as self-defense (opolchenie) in order to expel the castigators out of limits of the native land. But what do we see? Anything, but the crowds of volunteers at the gates of our headquarters.

The population of Slavyansk is 120 thousand, Kramatorsk has twice as many people. There are 4,5 million people in Donetsk region. Not all of them are men of capable age. Not all of them are healthy and unoccupied in important manufacturing. Not all of them can come to us – because of family and any other circumstances. But honestly, I never expected that there would be not even a thousand men , who are ready to risk their lives even on the barricades next to their house, half a day driving time to the nearest national guardsman – let alone being on the front line where the actual shooting is.

Nevertheless, it is true. I will give the examples. Three days ago, a group of 12 “heroes” arrived from Artyomovsk, they were selected and recommended by a very respected person . Having learned that the services have to be conducted in Slavyansk, instead of Artemovsk, and are not limited by several days, they did not even take the weapons.

Yesterday, same story. 25 out of 35 volunteers, arrived from Donetsk, went home, when they heard the distant sounds of mortars and when they found out that they wouldn't be able to go home in three days with the received weapons. Perhaps they will complain about hard conditions which they didn't feel for a minute, and about their heroic behavior during the bus ride. It not only. Such cases occur regularly.

When I was in the Crimea, I happened to hear stories from the activists, that when the miners rise, they will tear everyone with their bare hands. Maybe, it did happen some time. It has not been seen here, so far. While tens and hundreds people rose for the battle – tens and hundreds thousand quietly watch TV, sipping beer. Apparently, they wait when Russia moves forward its army, or when there will be enough volunteers, who are ready to die for their right to have a better life, better than what they had for the twenty three years under the power of the Ukrainian nationalists.

Where are those twenty seven thousand volunteers the journalists write about? I don't see them. Is it all they can do – come home with a proud look and declare to admiring women: "I signed up in self-defense” ? Our volunteers are mostly men in their forties, who grew and received their education in the times of the USSR, but there are not enough young people. Where are they, young and healthy guys? Perhaps they are in those gangster brigades, they got the wind of anarchy and started to "steal the stolen" and outrage in all the cities and rural parts of the Donetsk region? The news about their "acts of bravery" reach us daily. And many might-have-been self-defense fighters demand the weapons in order to be able to protect their homes from the bandits and criminals. Their desire is well-founded. But there rises the question: how the self-defense commanders can sort out whether it is an honest citizen or just another bandit pretending to be a Donetsk patriot?

The answer is simple: the true self-defense fighter is the one who personally, as a member of a fighting unit, takes direct part in the fight with junta armies, in that particular place and time which is deemed necessary by his commanders. Because without discipline there will be nothing – not only a victory, but even order. If everyone fights where he himself fancies, then the Donetsk self-defense will promptly turn into something in-between a gang of deserters and a gang of the Father Angel. But this will not happen. Only those who prove in the fights with the enemy and other assignments, will receive the weapons to bring an order to their homes in the ranks of the self-defense. And we will bring this order, do not doubt that. Let those who trades in drugs and simply plunders the defenseless population – let them not rely on old rules as in "war will write off everything". The gangster Donbass came to an end. The new power will give the opportunity to all to turn away from criminal trade, but those who won't want this, they will be rebuffed. Such rebuff from which it won't be possible to buy the way out with any money, under the wartime laws.

To return to the main thing. The Donetsk land needs defenders, and the self-defense needs the disciplined soldiers-volunteers. If the men are not capable of that, it is necessary to call the women. Starting today, I gave the order to accept them in self-defense. It is a pity that there are no officers among women, neither acting, nor in reserve. But what is the difference, if there are no male officers? In the whole region, there are not even twenty professional officers, ready to head fighting units. What a shame. For two weeks I've been asking to send me the chief headquarters and at least five commanders of companies and platoons. Silence. Not even one. Companies and platoons at me the Sergeants are in command of companies and platoons – and some are very good at it – but there is lacking of necessary military knowledge. They will learn, with time. But I warn you: not one of the so-called officers sitting now in their apartments, as scared sparrows under a roof during the thunder-storm, will be considered as an officer in our eyes. We will make sure that ordinary citizens share our opinion.

Probably, there are only few days till the moment when the fighting becomes a large scale battle, with tens and hundred killed and wounded. The enemy is demoralized, yet very strong. The enemy has the sponsors-oligarchs, who are ready to pay huge money for every murder, for every destroyed house, for every crime against the Russian people. We have to fight in order to win. Let those citizens who can hear me, who are ready to prove the devotion to the native land and the people, come to self-defense headquarters in the cities of Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, Krasniy Liman, Konstantinovka, Gorlovka. The commanders appointed by me will create fighting units, train and send them to the field army. The army might look as a small and not well organized group now, but it fight and it will win. Walk and ye shall reach. God and the truth are with us. Thank you.

Source: The Vineyard of the Saker


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