Obama Sells Confrontation with Russia

Stephen Lendman

On Wednesday, Barack Obama spoke at Brussels' Palais des Beaux-Arts (Palace of Fine Arts). Lies, damn lies, and demagogic Russia bashing were featured. He duplicitously hailed Western "ideals." They're being "tested," he said. US policy is polar opposite deceptive rhetoric. His address was a beginning-to-end litany of lies.

[He outrageously said America] "believe(s) in democracy, with elections that are free and fair, and independent judiciaries and opposition parties, civil society and uncensored information so that individuals can make their own choices."

"Yes, we believe in open economies based on free markets and innovation and individual initiative and entrepreneurship and trade and investment that creates a broader prosperity."

"And yes, we believe in human dignity, that every person is created equal - no matter who you are or what you look like or who you love or where you come from."

"That is what we believe. That's what makes us strong. And our enduring strength is also reflected in our respect for an international system that protects the rights of both nations and people - a United Nations and a Universal Declaration of Human Rights, international law and the means to enforce those laws."

US policy is do what we say, not what we do. Washington rules are enforced. We're boss, they reflect. What we say goes. Nonbelievers face harsh crackdowns. War is America's bottom line option.

Obama represents the worst of rogue leadership. He's a serial liar. He's a moral coward. He heads a criminal evil empire. It threatens humanity's survival. He seeks unchallenged US dominance. He wants it globally. He wants all independent governments ousted. He wants key rival ones eliminated. He's targeting Russia irresponsibly. He does it from Washington. He's doing it abroad. He's pressuring EU nations for support.

He left Sunday. On Monday morning, he arrived at The Hague. He met with Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte in Amsterdam. He met bilaterally with Chinese President Xi Jinping back at the Hague. He participated in nuclear security summit meetings. Fifty-eight world leaders attended. They agreed on denying terrorists access to fissile material. Omitted was discussing state terrorist use.

America is by far the greatest threat. It has the world's largest/most formidable nuclear weapons arsenal. National Security Strategy (NSS) affirms preemptive use. Obama's NSS policy calls for America "reserv(ing) the right to act unilaterally if necessary to defend our nation and our interests." In other words, waging war on humanity is OK. So is using nuclear weapons preemptively.

US policy makes more enemies than friends. Obama exceeds the worst of George Bush. He's traveling abroad to enlist support. He's doing it for lawless rogue policies. He won't take no for an answer. He backs extremist Ukraine putschists. He demands greater Russian isolation. Potential confrontation looms. Doing so risks the unthinkable.

Obama held bilateral meetings with UAE despot Mohammed Bin Zayed, hard-right South Korean President Park Geun Hye, and likeminded Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

On Wednesday, he arrived in Brussels. He met with King Philippe, Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo, European Council President Herman Van Rompuy, European President Jose Manual Barroso, and NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen. He attended US/EU summit meetings. He spoke at Brussels' Palais des Beaux Arts. More on that below.

On Thursday, he met with Pope Francis in Rome. He discussed Vatican policy with Secretary of State Archbishop Tarcisio Parolin. He'll met Italian President Giorgio Napolitano and Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

On Friday, he'll meet with Saudi Arabian despot King Abdullah. They'll reaffirm their joint belligerent agenda. He wants unity among US allies against its enemies.

Russia tops his list. It remains to be seen what follows. Expect nothing positive. Longer-term, Moscow is targeted for regime change. So is China. Nearer-term, Iran and Venezuela remain prime targets. Hegemons operate this way. US policy threatens humanity. Imperial priorities alone matter. Permanent war is longstanding policy. No-holds barred waging it is planned. Neocons infest Washington. The road to Moscow runs through Kiev. Obama's rhetoric is consistent. It reflects the last refuge of a scoundrel.

His Brussels' speech didn't surprise. It reflected business as usual. It featured demagogic doublespeak duplicity. He defended the indefensible. He promoted what demands rejection. He hides behind a shield of humanitarian intervention. He does so through cruise missile diplomacy. He's no peace president. He's hell bent for confrontation. Russia is in the eye of the storm. Putin is public enemy number one.

"Together we have isolated Russia politically, suspending it from the G8 nations and downgrading our bilateral ties," he said. "Together we are imposing costs through sanctions that have left a mark." "And if the Russian leadership stays on its current course, together we will ensure that this isolation deepens." "Bigger nations can bully smaller ones to get their way," he added.

Obama highlighted what's at stake in Ukraine. He ignored Washington's direct role in elevating illegitimate fascist putschists to power. He lied saying "Russia's leadership is challenging truths that only a few weeks ago seemed self-evident, that in the 21st century the borders of Europe cannot be redrawn with force, that international law matters, that people and nations can make their own decisions about their future."

US history reflects redrawing borders its way. A previous article said no nation in human history did more harm to more people than any combination of others. None match its ruthlessness. None its culture of violence. None its genocidal legacy. None its permanent war policy. None its ravaging more nations. None against one after another. None more demanding of others. None more contemptuous of peace. None more opposed to democratic values. None more pretending otherwise. None more dismissive of rule of law principles. None more lawless. None more arrogant. None more disdainful of values it claims to affirm. None more take and less give. None threatening humanity's survival more than America. Its record speaks for itself.

No nation bludgeons others into compliance more than America. None wage more wars to do it. An earlier article asked what do you call a country glorifying wars in the name of peace? One that's been at war every year in its history against one or more adversaries at home and/or abroad. One with the Western world's highest homicide rate. One with a passion for owning guns and using them. One responsible for more violence, death and destruction than any combination of other nations. One called a rape culture for good reason. One where young girls, women and older ones aren't safe. One where children are weaned on violence. One where homes are some of the least safe places. One where police are licensed to kill with impunity. One with the world's largest homeland gulag by far. One of the most ruthless. One with more political prisoners than others. One with dozens of global torture satellites. One where pacifism is considered sissy and unpatriotic. One where genocidal mass slaughter is called humanitarian intervention. One more in bed with some of the world's most brutal despots. One where fundamental freedoms are more illusion than fact. One controlled by monied interests. One serving them alone. One letting popular needs go begging. One committed to destroying social justice entirely. One addicted to war. One where waging it is the national pastime. One invading Mexico, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Panama, Colombia, Nicaragua, Uruguay, Brazil, Haiti, Argentina, and Chile in the 19th century alone. One doing it 31 times. One more responsible for a 20th century of war than any combination of others. One making the new millennium worse. Millions of corpses attest to its barbarity. One built on slave labor. One transforming it to wage slavery. One where sham elections substitute for real ones. One committed to carving up whole continents for profit. One stealing their land and resources. One exploiting their people. One demanding ruler/serf rule. One thirdworldizing America. One turning it into a dystopian wasteland. One on a fast track toward tyranny. One with more gangsterism than others for personal gain. One with out-of-control public and private corruption. One where Wall Street bosses run amok. One where war profiteers gorge at the public trough. One where unemployment, underemployment, homelessness, hunger and deprivation are at unprecedented levels. One where enormous wealth is concentrated in elitist hands. One with institutionalized inequality. One where millions of youths have no futures.One where state terrorism is official policy. One where advancing imperial interests matter most. One more polar opposite its professed values than any others. One unfit to live in.

Obama's demagogic rhetoric should have worn thin long ago. Loyalists and naive followers alone buy it. Media scoundrels regurgitate it like gospel. The New York Times hailed his new NATO commitment. Obama showed "resolve," it said. He railed against Russian "brute force." His "challenge is to stop more Putin moves."

Neocon Washington Post editors said Western nations "must prepare for a long struggle with Russia." They outrageously accused Putin of aggression. They've done it numerous times before. They're not alone. They lied saying Moscow invaded Crimea. Claiming it seized its territory doesn't wash. Nor saying Russia represents a threat.

Wall Street Journal editors railed against nonexistent Moscow ravanchism. They urged Obama lead Western allies against "Russian aggression." Wrist slap sanctions fall short, they said. It reflects "weakness," they added. Get tough, they urged.

In Brussels Obama said: "What we will do - always - is uphold our solemn obligation, our (NATO alliance) Article 5 duty to defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our allies."

Journal editors want tough policy following rhetoric. Likeminded ones urge the same thing. How far remains unexplained. Risking confrontation with Russia is madness. It's lawless. Whether planned remains to be seen. Neocons infest Washington. They deplore peace. They crave war. Against Russia risks the unthinkable.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He has devoted his time and efforts to progressive causes and organizations, all involved in working for a more humane and just world for all people everywhere, but especially for the most needy, disadvantaged and oppressed. His efforts since summer 2005 have included writing on a broad range of vital topics ranging from war and peace; social, economic and political equity for all; and justice for all the oppressed peoples of the world like the long-suffering people of Haiti and the Palestinians. He also co-hosts The Global Research News Hour, gives occasional public talks, and appears frequently on radio and at times television. He is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization. Also visit his blog and listen to The Lendman News Hour on RepublicBroadcasting.org Monday - Friday at 10AM US Central time for cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on world and national issues. All programs are archived for easy listening. His new book "How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War" can be ordered HERE. He can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.

Photo: Kevin Lamarque / Reuters / NTB Scanpix
URL: http://www.a-w-i-p.com/index.php/2014/03/28/obama-sells-confrontation-with-russia


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