Obama's Motto: Be Evil

Saman Mohammadi
The Excavator

The war on terrorism was not ill-conceived, it was criminally conceived. Attacking Iraq was not an error, it was a crime against humanity. President Obama escalated the war in Afghanistan not because he was pressured by his military advisers, but because he, like Bush, is without a conscience and doesn't respect human life.

Don't be fooled by Obama's smile or Bush's cowboy talk, they are both evil criminals who don't mind being the face of an evil empire that has killed millions of innocent people since the end of World War II. Politicians like Obama and Bush believe in power for power's sake. Freedom, peace, justice, and truth don't enter their calculations.

The forces of power captured Obama when he was young; read Obama's own writing about how he was led by his Indonesian stepfather Lolo onto power's trail. "Better to be strong,” Lolo told a young Obama. Obama couldn't resist the seductive pull of power because he didn't have the spiritual strength that leaders like Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy, and Abraham Lincoln all had.

If given the ring of power, or coming across it on power's trail, Obama would put it on his finger in a matter of seconds. He wouldn't even blink.

And he didn't. As Sméagol turned into Gollum, Obama turned into a different man after he first experienced power's demonic presence. He was too weak, and you have to be strong to resist the power of the modern presidency. The tragedy is that Obama didn't journey across Frodo's trail, but was instead seduced into going down Gollum's trail. He is now the face of Washington's Evil Kingdom. And the elitist forces behind him couldn't be happier because the people believe him to be one of their own, when in reality, he is one of them.

Obama walked down power's trail and never looked back. It is the same trail that all power-hungry, conscience-less men take. Men like Stalin, Hitler, Pinochet, Franco, and Saddam all took the same trail, and it took them to the same destination: evil's paradise, where Obama is now enjoying himself. Such men don't want to change the system, but work within it, and uphold it, even if the system is purely evil and criminal. They view power and corruption as natural to this world, not something to be opposed, and their cold personalities are naturally suited to an evil government's brutality and inhumanity.

Milovan Đilas, author of "Conversations with Stalin," witnessed Stalin's coldness and arrogance up close. Đilas was a Communist leader from Yugoslavia who became a leading political dissident of the Soviet Union. In his book he describes Stalin's lack of conscience and empathy in amazing detail, here is a short passage:

"An ungainly dwarf of a man passed through gilded and marbled imperial halls, and a path opened before him, radiant, admiring glances followed him, while ears of courtiers strained to catch his every word. And he, sure of himself and his works, obviously paid no attention to all this. His country was in ruins, hungry, exhausted. But his armies and marshals, heavy with fat and medals and drunk with vodka and victory, had already trampled half of Europe under foot, and he was convinced they would trample over the other half in the next round. He knew that he was one of the most cruelest personalities in human history. But this did not worry him one bit, for he was convinced that he was executing the judgment of history. His conscience was troubled by nothing, despite the millions who had been destroyed in his name, and by his order, despite the thousands of his closest collaborators whom he had murdered as traitors because they doubted that he was leading the country and people into happiness, equality, and liberty. The struggle had been risky, long, and all the more underhanded because the opponents were few in number and weak. But he succeeded and success is the only criterion of truth! For what is conscience? Does it even exist? It had no place in his philosophy, much less in his actions." (Đilas, Conversations With Stalin, p. 105-106).

The political leadership in Washington is equally cruel, evil, and deceptive as the leadership in the former Soviet Union. They have a corrupt and secret agenda, and they are determined to succeed, regardless of the means used. Even killing members of the U.S. population in acts of terrorism is fine with them. The September 11, 2001 attacks attest to their brutality and criminality.

But they won't succeed. Their agenda of domination over the Middle East and over America will fail, and they will be hanged as rotten traitors and war criminals. The WikiLeaks releases have not even scratched the surface of the U.S. government's epic deception and criminality. The truth that Washington's state terrorists were behind 9/11 is far too explosive to be hidden from the public eye. Reality is too powerful to be manipulated by tyrants forever. "Stalin's dethronement," wrote Đilas, "proves that the truth will out even if only after those who fought for it have perished. The human conscience is implacable and indestructible."


URL: http://www.a-w-i-p.com/index.php/2010/12/01/obama-s-motto-be-evil


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