The murder of Linda Norgrove


"I know this was murder. By Americans. Probably to protect CIA drug smuggling operations. -I'm sure many may say this is just a 'conspiracy theory', and at best we can never know what happened. I seriously beg to differ. "

"British aid worker murdered by Taliban during rescue operation" I knew this story was bullshit when I first read it. Initial debriefings of the 'crack US troops' involved somehow missed the little incident of throwing a grenade into the area where they thought Norgrove was being held. The story of how the evil Taliban killed her with a suicide vest started to sprout more and more details with the retelling. Suddenly, somebody looked at a tape of the incident (the fact it is a NATO operation probably meant the Americans couldn't hide the tape from the British), saw the grenade being thrown, and the world turned upside down.

This was supposedly a rescue mission. Who throws a grenade into a place where a hostage is being held? This is simply too moronic to blame on the baseline stupidity of the American soldier. They wanted her dead. Why? Probably the usual reason: she knew too much, or at least might have known too much. The most likely explanation by far was that she was in the hands of the drug warlords who operate with the CIA, and thus might have had stories to tell which the CIA didn't want told.

Note the peculiar - and I must say I detect some of the fraying of the 'special relationship' of Britain and the U. S. in this incident - Telegraph story which starts with the official lie and then contains all the details needed to construct what really happened, including the fact that the 'rescue' was rushed to avoid the fact that negotiations quite likely - '100% sure' according to local officials - would have freed her (note that Hague told a barefaced lie about this), the fact that the Taliban denied being involved (and in fact the Taliban was being paid protection money by her office!), and the fact that the local power is the infamous warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar (whose special friend in the American government is Zionist asset Richard Holbrooke). His story is now supposed to be that he is a 'terrorist' allied with the Taliban, but his drug-smuggling activities mean that it is much more likely that he is working with the CIA (the CIA's innocence is 'proved' by the fact they allegedly fired a missile in 2002 in his general direction!). Of course, the Americans couldn't take the risk that Norgrove heard things from her captors that no American should ever hear. So she's dead, another victim of the 'war on drugs'.

I'm sure many may say this is just a 'conspiracy theory', and at best we can never know what happened. I seriously beg to differ. Consider:

1. local negotiators were certain they could gain her release through negotiations and the payment of ransom (as they had done in other situations), but the Americans rushed the 'rescue' on the bogus excuse, with no evidence whatsoever and in the face of established local practice, that she was about to be smuggled to Pakistan where she would be killed by 'al Qaeda';
2. the grenade thrown in a hostage 'rescue' by 'crack' American special forces;
3. the elaborate lies piled on to describe the evil Taliban and how they slaughtered this poor defenseless aid worker;
4. the fact that the Taliban denied being involved, and were even being paid protection money to lay off the aid workers;
5. the control of the area by warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, associated with drug smuggling and the CIA, whose people would be by far the most likely to be in a position to grab anyone in the area.

I know this was murder. By Americans. Probably to protect CIA drug smuggling operations.




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