If you aren’t rich you should always look useful

Andrew K. Jeromski
The Fifth Dentist

Louis-Ferdinand Celine always understood this, and now I am coming around as well.

There are only two kinds of people left in America: the wealthy and, well, everyone else. The middle class has been systematically destroyed, and there is little sense in looking to Washington for relief, as the crooked bankers and CEO’s that comprise the real power structure are balls deep in the arse of liberty and will never, ever pull out before dropping a big fucking load of misery all over everyone not rich enough to afford an umbrella.

Open your ignorant eyes America! Take an honest look around you, it doesn’t hurt, I promise. The ancient infrastructure of this country is failing way faster than our capacity to fix it, and yet, we continue to pay taxes that are to facilitate just that. Health care and medicine are now for-profit enterprises, like stock trading or drug dealing … Big Pharma is just a faceless version of Avon Barksdale, and every citizen of this nation will soon be gobbling anti-something-or-others by the handful each morning with their breakfast. The entity which controls interest rates and essentially, our entire economy, is not part of the government, and is not answerable to Congress or under any obligation to disclose its profits, although it is a privately held company of the highest public interest. It is easier in most major cities to find heroin than the local library, and thanks to the shoddy condition of urban American public schools, most kids have a better idea of what to do with the former than what to do in the latter. Books that are never on the shelves at the library because of demand include: the “Twilight” series, books with zombies in the title and anything by Stieg Larsson–all tragically terrible tomes that make heroin addiction look somewhat appealing by contrast. (disclaimer: I am against heroin use as a life decision, and struggled with it myself for many years–akj)

All of this means that if you, like me, are not the scion of a wealthy porn merchant from Delaware, or the spawn of some blue-blooded house then you had better look busy.

For me, this means covering high school sports for money while I work on the writing that I want to do–my assorted fiction projects. For you, this could mean anything: but you better sure that it means something. If not, then you will soon become surplus to requirements in this country and flogged into submission by the agents of capitalism.

America wake up! You are being marginalized, deluded, outsourced and mortgaged to the point of oblivion! But hey, at least there is still TV.

I wonder, if the status quo, that is to say the average standard of living, were to remain unchanged how much of your inheritance would you give away? That’s what it is you know, freedom. It’s an inheritance that belongs to all of us who reside in this country, and is large enough to accommodate all who wish to enjoy it–regardless of technicalities such as citizenship. After all, what right do we have to deny anyone the same rights that we enjoy? Nothing could run more contrary to the spirit of this country. So I ask you: if your day-to-day remained unchanged, how much would you swallow? Would you ingest the vile fluids of the bankers and the CEO’s? Trick question assholes. You already did.

Beware the voices on your television and radio. Listen to them; don’t simply pretend to agree because it is a well know fact that the person in question is a member of this or that party, or thinks this or that way. Listen to them, and decide if you agree based on the merits of the arguments. (R)eject all partisan politics! (R)eject all political parties! Cast the false prophets and their servants from the tower walls! Chase the money-changers from the temple!

As of 2008, the Gross Domestic Product of the USA was 14.59 trillion dollars. My question, therefore, is two-fold: how small of a government do you honestly think you are going to get? That’s a number so large that it may as well be made up. It takes a lot of bureaucracy to administer an economy of that size … I mean, do these people want to go back and re-introduce the articles of confederation? Is that the way? Small national and strong local? Yeah, totally … I can’t see anything going wrong with that …

In conclusion, in my America, people like Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly would be castrated on sight, and their severed, lilliputian genitalia would be shoved into the mouths of Anne Coulter and Michelle Malkin, and the whole lot of them and anyone like them would be marched through the streets and ridiculed for their hateful nature and pelted with feces.

In my dreams, it is so.


Photo: http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/Abandoned-House.jpg
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