Obama's Gulf Swim Was Fake

Stephen Lendman

On August 15, AP reported that Obama gave his "personal assurances of (the) Gulf's safety," saying:

"Beaches all along the Gulf Coast are clean, they are safe, and they are open for business."

He lied.

The same day, Britain's government owned BBC reported:

"Barack Obama has taken a swim in the Gulf of Mexico (to) reassure Americans that the waters are safe despite the recent oil spill."

US corporate media reporters repeated the message, CNN's senior White House correspondent Ed Henry among them, saying "Obama takes (the) plunge, swims in the Gulf (to show it's safe and) open for business."

In fact, area businesses continue to be severely impacted, and the entire region is dangerously unsafe.

As for Obama's swim, on August 16, the London Independent reported that Obama and his daughter, Sasha, swam in a private Panama City Beach, FL beach off Alligator Point in St. Andrew Bay, not part of the Gulf.

Reporters were banned, no TV video permitted. "So....only the White House photographer was allowed to capture proceedings. The official picture was intended to provide evidence that the region's beaches are back to normal."

False. A dangerously toxic oil/dispersant brew contaminates much, perhaps the entire Gulf. It's poisoned and potentially lethal for decades, maybe generations. Nothing in it should be ingested. Millions in the region are at risk. No one should swim in coastal waters or eat any Gulf seafood. Responsible officials should ban it. Instead the all-clear's been given.

Obama, his officials, and BP executives are criminally liable. So are state governors, coastal mayors, and regional health authorities.

Area residents with children should leave. Tourists should avoid the region. A growing catastrophe will continue for decades, including a silent epidemic of cancers and other diseases, as well as lives and livelihoods lost.

That's the major media's unreported reality, worsening, not improving daily.

[Added to the Lendman article 08/21/10 (Editor):]

Michele Obama Tells Barack Swimming In Gulf Is Not A Good Thing; Obamas Swim Inland And Press Lies To Public About Where He Swam

We have all read or seen on the News that President Obama and his daughter took a swim in the Gulf of Mexico on their recent overnight “vacation” to the Gulf of Mexico.

But here is the side of the story the media really isn’t talking about to much.

The press pressured President Obama to take a swim in the Gulf. The press said it would b a good thing to send a message to the public that Gulf waters are safe but Michelle Obama interjected by saying, “No, it’s not” reports The Daily News.

The Obamas really didn’t swim in the Gulf. They actually swam in an inland water way protected and not the Gulf of Mexico by barrier islands reports Yahoo news.

The White House hoped images from the weekend jaunt to the Gulf would end that criticism. To the delight of locals, Obama took Sasha for a dip Saturday, a signal to other would-be Gulf vacationers that the water and the beaches are fine

The president’s swim happened out of sight of the news media. The White House released an official photo, but The Associated Press does not publish such handout images. According to the White House, the Obamas swam off Alligator Point, which is in Saint Andrews Bay, not the Gulf.

For a President trying to send a message that the Gulf is safe he sure didn’t stay in the Gulf or the water for to long.

The area where President Obama reportedly swam was not even affected by the BP Gulf Oil Spill according to the official Government reports of the extent of the spill.

The Obamas swim was out of the sight of the press and the photos of the swim where taken by Whitehouse staff so there is no confirmation that the President even took a swim when and where the White House staff reports.

By not swimming in the Gulf of Mexico President Obama broke his vow that he would take a swim in the Gulf.

After the swim President Obama said “Beaches all along the Gulf Coast are clean, they are safe, and they are open for business.” Clearly that is not the case as there are daily reports of oil in the water in several places along the Gulf of Mexico.

Saint Andrews Bay has been part of a water shed quality management plan for many years. First response status was given to the bay in event of a “spill”. Ongoing water quality testing is part of the project. Tributaries to the bay and polluters have been identified and corrective action in works or already done. Swimming there is probably safer than swimming in your tap water. It was a no-brainer choice for a photo opportunity to sell a pseudo-safe gulf to the public.

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Stephen Lendman is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization. He lives in Chicago and can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net. Also visit his blog site sjlendman.blogspot.com and listen to The Lendman News Hour on RepublicBroadcasting.org Monday - Friday at 10AM US Central time for cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on world and national issues. All programs are archived for easy listening.

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