Netanyahu: you can go to hell

Khalid Amayreh

Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu has been making impossible conditions he says Palestinians must meet in order for peace to be possible.

In a press interview released Thursday, 27 May, the characteristically arrogant and self-absorbed Zionist prime minister said the two most important conditions for peace in the Middle East were a Palestinian recognition of Israel’s Jewish identity and Palestinian acceptance of the 1948 ethnic cleansing as an irreversible historical fact.

In other words, for peace to take place, Palestinians must be prepared to come to terms with Israel’s Judeo-Nazi nature, a nature that precludes all human rights and civil liberties for non-Jews living in the hateful entity known as Israel.

“Jewish state,” for those who still don’t understand, means one thing: It means that the estimated 1.7 million Palestinians, whose forefathers and foremothers were not expelled when the evil state of Israel was misbegotten more than 62 years ago, would have to be expelled sooner or later on the ground that Israel is a Jewish state and they are not Jewish.

It is as simple as that, irrespective of the prevarications and carefully-concocted lies by the Israeli establishment and its spin doctors.

Some Zionist officials might be willing to show some magnanimity toward the goy citizens of Israel by suggesting that anyone who sincerely accepts the edicts of Shulhan Aruch and embraces Talmudic Judaism may be allowed to stay in the Jewish state. However, such a loophole would only be tolerated if the neophytes agree to undergo an excruciating testing period lasting for 20 years or more during which the slightest deviation fro Talmudic proscriptions would be sufficient to irreversibly invalidate their exemption status.

We who observe the affronting savagery of the general Israeli discourse on a daily basis and watch Israel moving rather hysterically toward Ashkenazi jingoism and religious bigotry must not delude ourselves into buying the cheap hasbara lie that Israel is both a democratic and Jewish state.

In the final analysis, we all know and the whole world knows that the cheap mantra is an inherent oxymoron. Indeed, how can Israel be both Jewish and democratic, when religious laws view non-Jewish residents living under Jewish rule as “water carriers and wood hewers,” whereas true democracy grants all citizens, regardless to their faith and race, equal status?

Hence, one finds himself facing the inescapable fact that Israel is only using the mendacious mantra, that it is both Jewish and democratic, merely as a smokescreen to blur its true fascist and nefarious nature, namely as racist state that differs little in substance from the defunct South African apartheid regime or for that matter Nazi Germany.

What else can be said of a state that says openly to a large segment that either you embrace a certain religion or leave or settle for a harshly-discriminated against minority?

More to the point, the targeted people, it should be kept in mind, are not immigrants or foreign workers or expatriates who are citizens of a distant country. We are talking about the indigenous natives of Palestine who had been living in the land long before Khazari tribes decided to convert to Judaism several centuries ago.

Hence, it is paramount for the survival of the Palestinian people, that these Nazi-like conditions be flatly rejected since recognizing Israel as a Jewish state would imply endorsing future Jewish designs to expel millions of Palestinians from their ancestral homeland.

Some naïve Palestinians, including the present imbecile Palestinian leadership, are likely to view such demands from Adolph Netanyahu as “not-impossible” or “not difficult to digest” on the ground that Israel is a already Jewish state, at least de facto, and that recognizing it as such is nothing more than recognizing reality.

However, these gullible so-called leaders ought to be reminded that Israel viewing itself as a Jewish state is one thing and recognizing it by Palestinians as a Jewish state or state of the Jews is an entirely different thing.

The latter means that we give our consent to prospective ethnic cleansing of our brothers and sisters , a right that we have no right to have, since the large Palestinian community in Israel, which per se constitutes a central asset in the historical showdown with Zionism, is alone qualified to determine its own future.

Therefore, any tampering with this issue of utmost sensitivity, should be strongly condemned and resisted by all sincere Palestinians.

Now the second point. This virulent Khazari supremacist, Netanyahu, wants the Palestinian people and their leadership to declare that the nefarious ethnic cleansing of our people was an ineluctable historical fact and that millions of refugees expelled to the four corners of the globe would have to be resettled elsewhere?

Well, who does this Khazari racist think he is, anyway?

The Palestinian people belongs to Palestine just as the Jordanian people belongs to Jordan and Iraqis belong to Iraq. Indeed, if Palestinians were seeking an alternative homeland, they would have accepted compensation and resettlement a long time ago.

But, NO, these people want to return to their native land from which they were expelled at gun point in order to allow for the hateful brat to say the light of the day.

Therefore, no Palestinian leader must allowed himself or be allowed to fall into this poisonous trap even if the Palestinian cause remains unresolved for many years to come.

After all, there is no heavenly text that says that the Palestinian problem must be resolved under the reign of Abu Mazen or Abu this or Abu that.

We the true sons and daughters of Palestine will not commit fornication with our people’s inalienable rights, especially the right of return for million of tormented refugees awaiting the hour of return to their homes and villages.

We are not exhausted by prolonged waiting. We still can wait and wait and wait. Our role model is not Abu Mazen, or even Abu Ammar. Our ultimate role model is Salahuddin.

Sixty-two years are nearly nothing in the long history of Palestine.

In the end, these hateful invaders will ultimately meet the same fate that the Crusades met.




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