Sarah Palin entertains the NRA rednecks


Sarah Palin is going to run for Presdident. She sees it as her God-given destiny to become the first female President. She is not a rational thinker, but a maniac, and she already is on the campaign trail right now.

Today Kathleen and I had the "pleasure" to listen live on the internet to a substantial part of the NRA convention. It was a freak show of epic proportions. It seems that the NRA (apparently a "non-partisan" organization, good joke) had the desire to present every prominent right-wing lunatic they could get their hands on. After having listened at the beginning of the event to the crazed speeches of the leaders of the NRA themselves, we were not very surprised to see that speakers like Ken Blackwell, John Bolton, Michael Reagan and Oliver North were the preferred choice.

The main focus of basically all of the speeches was how the dark evil liberal powers in Washington try to suppress the good Americans and want to take away their freedoms (and their guns). The speakers basically presented several versions of the same story, and John Bolton managed to introduce some new angles when he said that the United Nations want to take away the second amendment rights, and that Obama is the first "post-American President", whatever he meant by that.

Also, according to Bolton, the USA should never be required to ask the United Nations first in case the USA want to attack another country. How convenient! The perfect concept the beat the Bolshevik...I mean the Islamic hordes which are apparently at American's doorstep. What an illuminating example of neocon-thinking. This is noteworthy, because Sarah Palin is firmly in cahoots with the neocons, which comes as no surprise, given her obession with the military and war. Sarah not only pays large amounts to Randy Scheunemann's consulting firm "Orion Strategies", but she also works together for example with Bill Kristol, as we know from reliable sources.

John Bolton once had a legendary interview with BBC reporter Jeremy Paxman - watch here.

And then there was Sarah's speech. Well, she didn't disappoint - after all, what a crowd pleaser Mrs. Screech is, provided you have the "right" crowd. More made up stories about the awesome cleverness of Piper, palm prompter, calling Trig "Trigger", complaining at lenghth about the "lamestream media", redneck jokes, a passionate defense of "predator control" including killing wolves with helicopters in Alaska ("Bambi's mother is on the menu"), huntin, fishin, etc. You name it. The audience seemed to loved it, she received the biggest cheers of the day.

See also the reports of the event on CNN and New York Daily News.

Particularly noteworthy were Palin's "redneck jokes" - as reported by the New York Daily News.

It's pretty clear who the NRA is going to support when it comes to the Presidential race 2011/2012. Having listened to the wingnut-type speeches of the NRA leaders, it's very obvious which type of politician they prefer.

As I said in the comments several times already, we know from reliable sources that Sarah is going to run for Presdident. She sees it as her God-given destiny to become the first female President. She is not a rational thinker, but a maniac, and she already is on the campaign trail right now.


Well, what better counterpart could we have to Sarah Palin than a "real American" - Paul Watson, Captain of the "Sea Shepherd", interviewed by Zach Roberts. As you might already know, Zach teamed up with the investigative journalist Greg Palast in order to investigate in Alaska.

Unfortunately, I cannot embedd this video, but in order to listen to what Paul Watson has to say about Sarah Palin, click here.

In addition, Zach Roberts posted an old video of an Exxon-executive promising the Alaskans full compensation after the Exxon Valdez disaster. Well, we know how this turned out.

As you can see from his project website, Zach Roberts still needs more donations for his film project. Also take a look at Zach Roberts blog here. Please support him!


Sarah's crowd:

Please note that this beautiful picture is already a few years old.


[Editor:] Comment on the Tea Party Movement by Bob Altemeyer


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