Marjah Operations are an Exemplary Lesson for the Invaders

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

For the last two weeks, a 15,000-strong army of NATO, British and American forces has been carrying out military operations in a small are i.e. Marjah which is located in Nad Ali district. A number of jet bombers of the enemy including unmanned drones and 60 gunship helicopters are taking part in the operations. In addition to this, the enemy have brought to the battle field their huge and most advanced tanks by the name of Abraham and Shifton, which approximately weigh 65 tons. But despite the preparations, boasts and propaganda stunts, the enemy have not been able to make any headway against a small group of Mujahideen who are not more than 1000 armed men and their weapons are no match with those of the enemy. But still the sacrificing and committed Mujahideen have bravely blocked the invaders’ way successfully.

Skilled snipers have put shock and awe into the ranks of the enemy. The Mujahideen have blown up 53 tanks; shot down two unmanned drones and one helicopter besides killing tens of soldiers. An Afghan honor-loving woman made history by shooting soldiers pointblank in the bazaar. She revived the memory of Malalai of the past and proved by her heroic act, that still there are many sisters-in-arms of Malalai in this land. If we count the crews in the tanks which have been destroyed, we can easily conclude that the enemy losses are more than one hundred soldiers.

About two weeks ago, McChrystal, top commanders of American forces in Afghanistan, was boasting and claimed that he would soon take Marjah from Mujahideen. But today he admits that they are facing stiff resistance, which he did not imagine before. He said we thought if we make announcement about Marjah before the inception of the operations, Taliban would either fled or lay down their arms but now we are facing tough resistance contrary to our expectations.

Similarly, the enemy twice tried to airdrop soldiers behind the line of the fighting but soon Mujahideen besieged them and after Mujahideen’s inflicting on them losses, the enemy hastily left the area. Major General Nick Carter, NATO commander of forces in Helmand says we will be able in three months to say whether the operations were success or not.

These are the words uttered by the enemy and they are the ground realities, which are a good lesson for the moribund generals of Pentagon and the new rulers of the White House Administrations. There are thousands of towns in Afghanistan like Marjah in addition to about 385 districts in the country.

Seeing that they were not able to take a small area like Marjah in two weeks, so ironically, how much decades and how massive force they would need to take the whole Afghanistan. Still it is a matter of pondering that the Mujahideen learn new tactics with the passage of time and their knowledge in the field of politics, culture and military experience increase with every passing day.

It will be better for the rulers of the White House to put an end to the current unsuccessful adventure in Afghanistan. All invaders, beginning with Alexander, the Great up to the time of the former Soviet Union have tried this adventure in this Mujahid-bearing land but they all failed. By traversing the same path of failure and fiasco, Obama only prolongs days and nights of his failure and disgrace. Similarly, Obama should stop resorting to other stratagems and ploys because the resistance of Mujahideen has now evolved into a mature phase. This candle could not be extinguished by just blowing it away. The caravan of the holy martyrs and fighters will surely reach its destination soon or later. If Allah willing.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan


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