Dutch government falls over Afghanistan

Christopher King

No comment from NATO chief

Christopher King expresses the hope that the fall of the Dutch government over participation in the US-led aggression in Afghanistan could be the start of a trend that will see Europe regain its independence from the USA.

Hopefully the split in the Dutch parliament on withdrawal from Afghanistan is a sign that Europe is beginning to recognize who the real terrorists are. The true situation is so different from the media’s portrayal that the general public finds it difficult, perhaps impossible, to contemplate. I wonder how much Europe’s politicians understand. The situation is truly desperate – not for Afghanistan but for Europe.

The Israeli-American axis’s policy is 100 per cent lies and deception. Since the purpose of NATO is supposed to be the protection of Europe, it is remarkable that we never hear from its chief. I don’t mean Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the secretary-general who our media always calls the “NATO head”. He is nothing of the sort. Rasmussen is the ex-prime minister of Denmark who has no power whatsoever. He is the mouthpiece for the real head of NATO.

"The head of NATO is always an American. This is where the power in Europe lies – with an American admiral, not a Danish political hack."

The title of NATO’s real head is Supreme Allied Commander, Europe, currently Admiral James G. Stavridis, US Navy, of whom very few people have ever heard. The head of NATO is always an American. This is where the power in Europe lies – with an American admiral, not a Danish political hack.

This is the great European deception. I have written previously that the reason for America’s involvement of Europe in its aggressive wars is the consolidation of its military grip on Europe through NATO. The proof is the United States’ NATO First Act now presented to Congress and going through committees. This legislation, completely unreported by the European media, is intended to make American bases in Europe permanent.

This is Europe’s unrecognized crisis – permanent military takeover by the United States with the objectives of parasitizing Europe’s economy, preventing closer economic integration with Russia and as a source of cannon fodder for its wars.

We have seen an example of economic parasitization in recent days with the American firm Kraft’s takeover of the British international Cadbury to sustain its failing profits, that I discuss here. Kraft has almost no capital of its own – it operates on borrowed money. It bought Cadbury on 100 per cent additional borrowing, evidently using taxpayer funds from American, British and German banks. This is the ugly face of US capitalism that brought about the current world financial crisis through the export of fraudulent American debt and derivatives.

America’s virulent fight against communism was not against its pronounced despotic tendencies or its economic inefficiencies. The US’s collusion with Saddam Hussein and promotion of Iran’s Shah in place of the CIA subverted Mossadeq democracy, among other tyrants, demonstrate its tolerance of despotism provided there is financial payoff. Its own current war crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, not to mention practices such as torture, kidnapping and assassination, demonstrate its attitude to law and justice. No, its hatred of communism and socialism was because wholly state-owned enterprises offer no opportunities for American economic exploitation.

"With a vanishing industrial base and shrinking economy sustained by borrowing, the US in now committed to parasitizing Europe and the Middle Eastern oil fields."

The United States is now in desperate difficulties. It has squandered its own resources and is accustomed to parasitizing other countries’ resources to sustain its extravagant lifestyle, enormous military empire and wars. These policies have been at the expense of investment in research and genuine industrial and economic development. With a vanishing industrial base and shrinking economy sustained by borrowing, the US in now committed to parasitizing Europe and the Middle Eastern oil fields. The United Kingdom, with the same economic policies, is unsurprisingly in the same position. This is the reason for the UK’s slavish support for US policies and its atrocities in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The UK and US are on permanent downward economic trends for the first time in 200 years. The traitors Anthony Blair and Gordon Brown have been foremost in selling Israeli-American policy to Europe. They are guilty not only of personal involvement in war crimes but have permitted the military occupation of their country. Moreover, following US economic policies, they have destroyed the UK economy. For example, in the last few days it has become clear that 2,800 jobs will be lost in Welsh and northern English steel plants. The UK steel industry and UK manufacturing now hardly exist.

Revelations about British government collusion with atrocities continue to trickle out: government collusion in the torture of Binyam Mohammed, the post mortem coverup in the weapons inspector David Kelly’s alleged suicide and Anthony Blair’s willingness to create any story in order to invade Iraq. Most recently, we have British collusion in the Israeli assassination of the Hamas official Mahmoud al-Mabhouh.

Hamas, whether the US and UK like it or not, is the legitimate, democratically-elected government of Palestine, which the Israeli-American axis hates because Hamas opposes Israel’s theft of Palestinian land and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people. The axis’s British running dogs (with acknowledgement to the Chinese for this appellation) hope for crumbs from America’s table but have betrayed not only all principles of legality and humanitarianism but also their country’s military and economic security. The enrichment of Anthony Blair, a mere GBP 10 million or so to date, are cheap crumbs to the US for gaining control of the British army, not to mention any other aspects of government that it finds convenient.

It is bad enough that the British, Dutch and other Europeans are suffering heavy casualties in following the aggressive adventures of the failed state that is the United States. The matter is much more serious and closer to home. I have said it before and will say it again: Europe and the UK must rid itself of American bases and those who support them, and form its own defence force independent of the United States. That is where economic and defence security lie.


Christopher King is a retired consultant and lecturer in management and marketing. He lives in London, UK

Source: http://www.redress.cc/global/cking20100221
Photo: http://www.defenseindustrydaily.com/images/LAND_Bushmaster_Dutch_Afghanistan_Bogged_Down_lg.jpg


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