Elite Politique

Mick Greenhough

In his presentations on global warming Al Gore likes to use a graph similar to the one below from Vostok, Antarctica, ice cores to show apparent correlations between temperature and carbon dioxide. When pressed about cause and effect, Gore says the relationship is “complex.”

The scientists working on the Vostok ice core report that temperature changes PRECEDE changes in CO2 concentration by about 800- to 1,300 years. This should not be surprising because temperature has great influence on CO2 solubility in the ocean. Notice that the temperature cycles occur in approximately 100,000 (±20,000)-year intervals. This coincides with the variation in the precession of the Earth’s elliptical orbit around the Sun. Can you think of anything that would make CO2 cycle this way if it were the driver rather than temperature? And what would stop the rise of CO2 if it were the controlling variable?

You may have heard climate alarmists say something like this: “There is more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere today than at any time during the past 650,000 years, based on analyses of the chemical composition of air bubbles entrapped in Antarctic ice over that time.”

That contention relies on an unproven assumption. The assumption is that entrapped bubbles are an accurate measure of the ancient atmosphere. In fact, there is good evidence that, with increasing pressure and time, the bubbles undergo chemical and physical changes which deplete CO2, so it is unlikely that they contain true ancient atmospheric compositions. Furthermore, reconstructions based on ice core bubble composition data disagree with reconstructions from most other proxies.

Fig 1 shows that the climate is always changing. However the last 10,000 year period has been fairly stable. If we separate out the various curves superimposed on each other in Fig 1 we get Fig.2.:

Fig 2 shows a very dominant and regular cycle of temperature variation with
a peak every 100,000 years. These peaks coincide with the nearest position
of the earth to the sun due to its elliptical precession. It also clearly illustrates
that the CO2 level in the atmosphere lags the temperature by some 800 – 1300

There is nothing mankind can do about this whatsoever. This graph illustrates that CO2 cannot be the cause of the rise in temperature, it is probably the temperature change that somehow causes the CO2 level to change. This is possibly due to the seas warming up and releasing large quantities of CO2 and many other causes only indirectly related to temperature.

Fig 2 also indicates that we are very near to, or at, the historic maximum earth temperature due to the earth’s precession. We can reasonably expect a further minor rise in temperature before we start moving into a new Ice Age in a couple of thousand years time. It will take the next 60,000 – 70,000 years before the earth begins rapidly heating up again.

Fig 3 illustrates a random effect of many influences on temperature, none of which are anything like as significant as the earth’s relationship to the sun. There is a possibility we can reduce some of this if we can isolate a particular cause. Any man made CO2 effect on temperature is also well within this minor range. The effect on the gross changes will be minor. We cannot predict anything from this random variation as we just do not understand all the causes in any detail but they are clearly minor when compared to Fig 1.

12,000 years ago there was a glacier some 1 ½ miles thick over Britain and North Europe. This melted in less than 50 years raising the sea level by 300+ feet. There were no 4 x 4s then nor budget jet holidays for the masses.

Why are so many ‘scientists’ and the Political Elite, or the Elite Politique, adamant that Global Warming is due to the activities of Industrialised Man - ‘Anthropogenic Global Warming’ (AGW)?

By ‘industrial man’ they mean ordinary citizens not, of course, the Elite Politique. There is a circular cause and effect here. The Political Elite will only give out research grants to ‘scientists’ who will demonstrate that AGW is the major cause of Global Warming. Thus the ‘scientists’ will only structure experiments and produce reports that confirm that opinion in order to get more grants. They are even ‘massaging’ their results to give the desired conclusion. This then gives the Political Elite more ammunition to increase tax, enforce more sanctions on the public and remove many of our democratic freedoms ’to save the planet’. It has many features of a cynical cod science scam. There has to be a very significant reason indeed why the Elite Politique is so dogmatic about AGW.

A bit of history

When transistors suddenly reduced the cost of TV sets ordinary people were able to buy them. For some reason this induced intense fury in the self acclaimed ‘Elite’ who seemed to believe that TV sets and programmes should be exclusively for them. A ‘scientific notion’ appeared declaring that radiation from the screen would damage the brains and eyesight of children. A small industry sprang up to provide radiation filters to fit in front of the screen. However as those who didn’t use such filters didn’t grow two heads this ‘scientific notion’ was quietly dropped.

We have a similar situation now with Mobile phones. They are so cheap that every supermarket checkout girl and spotty schoolboy has one to send ‘utterly pointless’ texts and phone calls - to the fury of the self acclaimed Elite. A ‘scientific notion’ has appeared claiming that the radiation from mobiles will fry the brains of those who use them – but curiously the Elite Politique seems to be remarkably immune from this possibility.

Again a similar situation is occurring with car ownership and jetting off on holiday. The widespread use of cars and overseas holidays by the ordinary public is again causing the Elite considerable annoyance and inconvenience. This is now claimed to be the major cause of AGW. Presumably cars and overseas holidays should also be exclusively for the Elite Politique and their acolytes.

The latest two generated panics are Global Warming and the oceans becoming acidic due to CO2 becoming Carbonic Acid in water. (It seems, however, that as the sea warms up their ability to take in dissolved CO2 reduces???)

AGW is being deliberately muddled up with Natural Global Warming, loss of natural ecology, pollution and waste. The last three can, and should, be reduced considerably. There is, however, a rapidly growing body of opinion that considers there to be a rather more sinister reason. It could be that the Anthropogenic Global Warming (now called Climate Change) scam is just another excuse to try to restrict the activities and personal freedoms of ordinary people.

The European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) was a six-nation international organisation serving to unify and control Western European coal and steel production and prevent Germany secretely re-arming.

It was the first organisation to be based on the principles of "supranationism" (above national sovereignty and free from control by elected politicians).

Its creator, French Foreign Minister Schulman, hoped it would eventually lead to the establishment of a State of Europe. The present undemocratic European Union traces its roots directly back to the ECSC. It crept forward in a series of very minor and almost unnoticed changes that eventually led to the EU by stealth, subtefuge and downright lies.

It is suggested that the transformation of the ECSC to the EU could be being used as a model to gain control of the worlds’s energy resourses. The generated panic over Global Warming is being used as a springboard to set up a new unelected and undemocratic World Order run by the Elite Politique. [...] Who are the Elite Politique? A look at an organisation called The Bilderberg Group may be of interest.

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Source: http://bastardoldholborn.blogspot.com/2009/12/elite-politique.html


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