Electric Cremation of Dead Bodies- Hindu System

Ramesh Kumar

In Hindu religion, the corpse is cremated by burning them on funeral pyre (Wood heaped for burning a dead body as a funeral rite). This practice is prevailing since centuries along with the religious rituals and beliefs. There are several places/grounds particularly for cremation and it takes around 300-400kg of wood to burn the corpse. This tradition or practice needs to be stopped in the view of the environment degradation and deforestation. The Govt. came out with an eco-friendly solution known as - ELECTRIC CREMATOR, but it is been rarely used by the people, because of their religious beliefs do not allow them to follow so. There are many harmful effects of cremating the corpse, as they are burnt in the open area and there is no way to control the gases released from the burning corpse. As a result these gases flow into the air and pollutes the environment creates health issues, if the cremation place is near any residential area. Due to congestion in the cities most of the crematorium can be found surrounded by the residential areas. Same is the case with Christian n Islamic practice to bury the corpse under the land. This requires a lot of space and as the corpse is placed into a wooden box and then they make it to bury under, so again the boxes are wood produce and this leads to deforestation. So instead of cremating or burring the corpse, adopting electric cremation is totally an eco-friendly way, while simultaneously following the other rituals and dignity of one’s religion. And the same can be done by following Electric cremation.

Death is the bitter truth of life as every living being has to die. The kiths and kins of the corpse wish that a dignified farewell is given to their loved ones. Muslims and Christians, according to their rituals, buried the body in the graveyard whereas Hindus and Sikhs burn up the cadaver and in case of children, corpse is surged in river.

In Cremation process of Hindus, the dead body is burn with wood which effects the environment badly.

In the today’s world, global warming is a fiery problem which may even wreck the earth. Pollution is one of the chief key factors of this emerging problem. It is required to do each and every effort to save life on earth as pollution is increasing day by day.

For the Antim Sanskara, wood is used to burn the corpse which is getting expensive day by day .Purchasing power of people is also ascending as wood is getting dearer.

Rivers have got polluted with ignorance as lot of rituals of Hindus is performed in rivers.

It is today’s slogan to grow more and trees and we are cutting and burning it to burn the corpse. Is it not inviting the devastation?

Electric cremation has come into existence and is the need of the hour. By electric cremation we can get rid of these hazardous problems.

No Effect on Hindu Rights and Sentiments

There is no effect of electric cremation on these rituals. The purpose of electric cremation is not to harm the religious beliefs and customs, its purpose is just to make it economical and pollution free.

Need to encourage by Government

Since countless years, it is the custom to burn the cadaver and it has become an acceptable practice. It not cakes walk to change the old customs and make the new one acceptable. Definitely, people don’t accept the new customs readily. Governmental efforts are always needed to guide and make the people aware about the use of electric cremation CNG based cremation.

Wood fire should be banned for cremation of bodies

A visit to Nigam Bodh in Delhi, near Yamuna River, shows the environment hazard created by open burning of dead bodies. The bodies should be burnt in close chambers with tall chimney. It is better if government can ban use of wood for cremation with support from religious heads. CNG and electric based cremation is safer, less pollutant, cheaper and clean system.

Baby’s Cremation

In the Hindu custom, the corpses of babies under the age of five are flowed in the river which no doubt pollutes the river and sometimes, the body parts of babies are eaten by animals. Isn’t it callous? Now-a-days, water crisis is also a prevailing problem and it is the need of the hour to protect the rivers from pollution. Electric cremation of corpse is the best as it is painless and takes a few seconds to burn . The ashes can be collected for further use.

So let’s wow to use electric cremation and make others to follow the same.


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Illustration: http://gei.aerobaticsweb.org/images/INDIA/india_cremation_1737x1110.jpg
Information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cremation


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